Help understanding I.P addresses

  Sasha78 12:39 15 Apr 2018

Long story short there's been a big family fall out, someone in the family (I think my niece) has been logging into my mums Facebook account and reading her private messages. Iv gone through my mums login records and there is different devices with different I.P addresses on there any way to identify the person with this info? I tried to match up the I.P addresses with the same ones that belonged to my niece from Netflix as she had been signing into my account to watch that with my permission before said fall out but when I went on the list on Netflix there's about 10 different I.P addresses! And when I thought Ild matched them up I realise now I can't of bcoz that person has watched Netflix since I changed my password following the fall out. Please can anyone help me u derstand ir tell me where to start with this investigation?

  [DELETED] 14:08 15 Apr 2018

I agree with mrcalif as most IP addresses are dynamic and not static. If a static IP address then it won't show up in the router. You can check the MAC address' in the router's DHCP clients list in the router to see which device is which.

As long as passwords are changed then that should be enough.

  Sasha78 14:45 15 Apr 2018

I appreatiate ur replies thank you. Unfortunately a password change is not enough to rectify this situation. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to gain access to someone's private account without the account holders position? Or am I really wrong here? This initially all came about when my mum was contacted by FB regarding someone from an unusual (to her) location logging into her FB I know 100% private messages have been we just have to accept that?

  [DELETED] 15:04 15 Apr 2018

mrcalif I agree. As for your new reply Sasha78 then I can only think that either your router or some of your devices have been compromised, check firmware update for router, change name and login password for router, run full security scans for all devices then change all passwords again. That's what I would do.

  Sasha78 15:13 15 Apr 2018

No, our devices haven't been compromised. My niece has admitted to looking on my mums FB (as she knew her email add & password) and said her excuse is bcoz she wanted to check she wasn't sharing pictures of her great granchildren. She has denied reading the private messages however we know she has by a reference she made that had only been discussed by my mum and a close friend via FB messenger Ur replies regarding I.P addresses has made me realise I need to drop that one but what about accessing someone's account without their permission is it not breeching the computer misuse act or something to do with data protection?

  [DELETED] 15:22 15 Apr 2018

Your niece was privy to the relevant information to log in to your mothers' Facebook account by your own fault of not keeping it 'private'. Leaving such information about, to be found, then even Banks wouldn't refund money if such sloppiness occurred with such information to log in.

Yes your niece did wrong and has admitted it. Change passwords and move on.

  Sasha78 15:39 15 Apr 2018 am I guilty of it?

  Sasha78 15:54 15 Apr 2018

Oh also, my niece only knew her grandmothers FB bcoz she set it up for her 5+ years ago. My mum and niece fell out in December and my mum didn't think for one Minuit she would need to change passwords, it just wouldn't enter her head as u wouldn't think someone would use them!

  Forum Editor 16:48 15 Apr 2018

"I'm pretty sure it's illegal to gain access to someone's private account without the account holders position? Or am I really wrong here?"

Whether you are right or wrong isn't the point. You are Discussing another member of your own family here, and surely it is simply a question of changing an access password and leaving it at that?

You say "Unfortunately a password change is not enough to rectify this situation."

Why isn't it enough? It will prevent further unauthorised access.

Just change the password and move on, as rdave13 says.

  [DELETED] 16:49 15 Apr 2018

I'm sorry Sasha78 for the family fallout but these thing happen and never easy. Your mind should be at rest now just changing the password will stop anyone else logging in again to your mum's account. All the best.

  Sasha78 17:23 15 Apr 2018

Guys listen I really appreciate ur replies and advice but I feel as if ur belittling the situation. It's very difficult to move on when I'm watching my mum being abused, The private and personal messages that were read were regarding my mums will and changes shes made to it....she was discussing this with a very close friend who lives in another country. Neice has read and then passed on that information to whom it involves. My niece who has mental health issues has also made up blatant lies about my mum too just to blacken her name. I want some justice! I'm watching my mum crying on a daily basis due to harassment and abuse, she's currently of Ill health and is waiting to have a pacemaker fitted. I realise this is now not relevant to this forum as it's more of a personal issue rather than a computer one therefore I apologise for trying to get help on this forum and will find a more suitable one.

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