Help with Samsung Video Hub Rogue Update

  sydsnott 13:53 25 Jul 2013

Just accessing "Video Hub" on my Galaxy S3 today and there is a notice"New version available update required before continuing, CANCEL / OK"hitting OK, "Samsung Hub" (a completely different App opens and downloads/installs an 8.78MB update) once finished, I close this App and again try to open the "Video Hub" and the whole performance starts again! Samsung are as helpful as the proverbial chocolate teapot and prommised a reply within 24hrs...... probably Monday.

Wouldn't like to work a five day week there!

  Secretgeek 20:04 25 Jul 2013

Exactly the same thing has just happened to me . Tried uninstalling and rolling back Video Hub but no joy. Can't get to the movies I've downloaded and thenew 'hub' is a broken piece of crap that doesn't let me have access to any video at all! Very ffrustrated :-(

  sydsnott 16:53 26 Jul 2013

I contacted Samsung help yesterday morning and after giving a blow by blow account of the problem, they advised they would "Look into it" and reply within 24 hrs...probably Monday! I think the displayed logic in that statement removes any and all credibility they might have had!

Having since had the problem correct it's self, it is evident that Sammy in their wisdom have attempted to incorporate the "Video Hub" app into the "Samsung Hub" app...........without aparently informing their proclaimed "Experts" that they were doing it, leaving them looking like a bunch of Chumps...or should that be Chimps? Reminds me of the definition of "Expert"

"Ex", A has been, and

"spurt", A drip under pressure!

Here is their offered instructions should the problem persist with you:-

*Please recommend to the customer to sign out from his account and then sign in and redownload the specified movie.

However, when he removes the account and sign in again, the data synced with the Samsung account may be deleted, therefore, please make sure that you should follow below steps to check whether the data was synced successfully and back up the data safely.

1) Go to Settings > Accounts > Touch "Samsung account" > Touch "Samsung account email address" > Touch "Synce now" button and check the "Last synced date"

2) Go to Settings > Accounts > Touch "Samsung account " > Touch "Device backup" button and check the "Last synced date".

Here is how to sign out from Samsung account on your mobile device as following : - Android : [Settings - Accounts and sync - Samsung account - 'Remove account' button] - JellyBean : [Settings - Samsung account - 'Remove account' button] - bada : [Settings - Accounts - Samsung account - 'Sign out' button] Then you will have to sign in and add your account. In order to do that, please follow the steps below:

For Android: 'Settings' > 'Accounts' > 'Add account' For Bada: 'Settings' > 'Accounts” > 'Samsung account' > 'Add account' For JellyBean : Settings > 'Samsung account' > 'Add account' button Additionally, we would kindly ask him to clear the data from Video Hub as following:

Settings -> Application manager -> Video Hub-> Clear data After you have cleared the data from Video Hub, you should be able to acess it.Then try to update again.

If his issue still persist, please tell him to contact us again with a screenshot of the error message, if possible.* Hope that helps!

  Secretgeek 20:26 26 Jul 2013

Well tried those steps. Fired up Video Hub, it updated Samsung App Store then closed it. Fired up hub again aaaannndd.... fail. :-( Sigh, time to contact Samsung then :-(

  sydsnott 10:25 28 Jul 2013

Sorry it didn't work Secretgeek.

Hope "Samsung Help" can indeed "help"!

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