Help re mobile with loud Alarm & Ring tones

  AroundAgain 11:35 25 Mar 2019

I'm looking for a new mobile phone but, in particular, one with loud Alarm and Ring tone. This is so difficult to test before you buy! I use mobile alarm to wake me in mornings too, so not wearing hearing aids at this time!

I have hearing issues and not always hearing the alarm on my MS Lumia (Windows) phone (Yes, I know, but I actually like the phone ;) )

I don't (currently) listen to music/video on mobile so quality of sound isn't an issue although, that might be an issue at some later stage.

Can anyone, especially anyone with hearing probs, experienced such, or can suggest any makes/models of mobile which have particularly loud alarm sounds etc please? At least I'd then have a starting point

I would very much appreciate your advice/suggestions. Thanks

  Menzie 18:14 25 Mar 2019

Hearing Direct have some phones for those with hearing problems. They have designs ranging from Basic Candy Bar style handsets, to flip phones and smartphones.

I do not work for them; however have been a customer in the past getting phones for elderly relatives. The interface on their phones have bigger icons, the loudspeaker is also amplified and the ringer can hit a crowd-frightening 90db on their handsets.

Are you looking for something along those lines?

  Menzie 18:23 25 Mar 2019

A list of handsets rated as the loudest can be found here. See if one takes your fancy.

  AroundAgain 21:10 25 Mar 2019


Many thanks for noth of your suggestions. I've looked at the Hearing Direct site and they have one Smart Phone

The article you linked made very good reading and I was happy to see Samsung and Huawei both on the list. I'm tempted to go for Huawei P20 Lite – 84.9 dB or, alternatively but not on the list, Huawei P Smart 2019 but I've not found anywhere this latter phones speaker output. I'm wondering, as they're very similiar models, the 'loudness' may be similiar too.

I clearly need to continue researching until I'm a bit more confident in what I choose.

I really appreciate your help :)

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