Help Needed...Samsung smart switch questions

  julius44 19:39 05 Jun 2017

Hello and good evening to you all. I am hoping that I can get some help/answers to some questions that I have about Samsung smart switch please.

Ok here we go, I currently have the great samsung galaxy S7 Edge, and I am in the process of getting the samsung S8 plus probably by the weekend, and I have some questions please. I am intending to use samsung smart switch to transfer my stuff from the s7 edge to the s8 plus.....BUT I need clarification on a few things first. I have a 128gb sd card that has loads of pics, and it also has apps on it, and family videos too. Do I first insert my 128gb microsd card into my S8 plus fone BEFORE i start the tranfser or do i leave it in the S7 edge??

Also I only have 1 simcard for my current S7 before I start the transfer do i keep my simcard in my s7 edge or insert into the s8 BEFORE I start the tranfer? I have been on youtube and all the vidoes dont mention micro sd card or which fone to insert the simcard. I hope I am making perfect sense? Just that i dont wanna mess it up when i am doing the tranfer. Many thanks Jules

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