Aksibree 11:47 13 Jul 2014

I bought samsung s4 just yesterday , and i wanted to put the password(pattern) and i putted one pattern that i thinked it was cool , and 10 secs later , i forgot it... and i tried and tried... and i did my 20 trys to unlock your phone , than i need to log on to my gmail.. and i know my pass and username , but ... I DON'T HAVE INTERNET. it just says Invalid username or password , but im sure that it's correct. Than idk what to try .. it's a dead end .. i can't access to anything on my phone , not even wifi or something.. so i heard about hard reset and i decided to give it a try.. and i hold Volume up+home+power buttons together , and than small 'dead' android shows and i release , and it just stands like that with that picture of android , and i don't get any menu like i should... and that in 5 mins approximately it just reboots...

  Aksibree 12:58 13 Jul 2014

First MechKB 2 thanks for replying , can i add you on facebook so i can ask you few more questions.. please, i feel like killing myself >.< tell me your name , and your picture , or just add me

click here

  Aksibree 15:00 13 Jul 2014

how much does it costs? :s

  Aksibree 15:02 13 Jul 2014

does it depends how much it costs of the version on mobile for example Samsung spica(older phone) and samsung galaxy s4 ?

  Aksibree 19:17 13 Jul 2014

it's not buyed in any mobile shop , it is not real samsung galaxy s4 , it's a fake idk if i mentioned... what should i do ?

  ivillisu 21:05 13 Jul 2014

My Samsung Galaxy Ace phone memory is full. I have a 16gb sdcard installed, cannot move apps from phone to sd card. "move to sdcard" option is greyed out when I try. Can this be changed?

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