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  Bald Eagle 13:51 19 Jan 2009

Up to this weekend I'd never heard of these then my brother showed me his iPod which was playing away in the kitchen. 1Gb he said and it could store 1000 tunes! He then showed me a "widget" that connected on the bottom of the iPod that allowed his van radio to access it and play the stored tunes. I'm sure your all now thinking what a numpty BE is but it is all new to me! Can you recommend anywhere that sells iPods and what is the "widget" really called? More to the point did I understand him correctly?

Finally, talking to our daughter this morning about it she said why didn't I get an MP3 player? What's the difference to the iPod and will it play through my car radio?


  canarieslover 15:15 19 Jan 2009

I won't get into the iPod versus other MP3 player argument except to say that I have gone down the Creative route. The 'widget' is probably an FM transmitter and you tune the car radio to receive that frequency thus playing the songs on your player.
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  john bunyan 17:06 19 Jan 2009

Yes, but the FM adapters send an analogue signal and sometimes the FM is subject to interference. Some radios can have an iPod lead wired in with the iPod plug in, say, the glovebox so the car radio / CD gets a stereo signal and the iPod is charged. However I was quotet £250 by Toyota, and £120 by an independant raio specialist to do this, so the FM route is cheaper! Some rasios have a jack allowing input by that means .In the end, I burn CD's from the PC to play in the car!

  Bald Eagle 19:45 19 Jan 2009

Firstly thanks for not taking the mickey but I'd genuinely not heard of them! Thanks for the links and from what you've said the more memory the better. It will just cost my wife more for my birthday present!

Another question if I may, a friend has just said that an iPod with a screen is a lot easier to use than a cheap one without one. Correct or not?

Thanks to everyone who has replied.


  Bald Eagle 08:50 20 Jan 2009

Thanks for that ravingdave. I think I "know" enough now to pick something out but I'll not tick resolved just yet.


  john bunyan 09:47 20 Jan 2009

Bald Eagle. I bought a 120Gig iPod Classic for my wife at Christmas, (although I seem to use it more!!). It was about £120. Also I bought an Intendo RDi speaker dock that comes with a DAB and FM radio. In our kitchen/ dining area it has replaced a radio cassette/DVD. I am now converting all our CD's, vinyl, reel to reel and cassettes into MP3's. The Classic could store 40, 000 songs !!!. I looked at the Touch - much dearer, less storage. Fine if you want the video capability to watch films etc. I buy i Tunes and rip the other stuff I bought. I agree with ravingdave re ease of use for iTunes - but I set it not to sync automatically, and I have separate libraries and accounts on i Tunes for the oldies and our grandchildren. Also I convert a copy of bought M4a iTunes to mp3 for longer term back up and flexibility.

  Bald Eagle 20:20 20 Jan 2009

Oh dear, just when I thought I'd sussed it, more useful info.


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