help with editing please

  yvie 14:42 18 Jun 2006

Ive just used my new hp photosmart E317 on holiday to take short video clips, and one of the clips is so dark as it was indoors that I cannot see the picture. Is there any way I can lighten it please? I can lighten photos, but can't find a way to 'play with' mpg files.

Many thanks


  De Marcus™ 16:42 18 Jun 2006

Depends on the software your using?

  yvie 21:34 18 Jun 2006

I am using the hp software that came with the camera and I have updated and emailed them, but they say it isnt possible to brighten video clips, only still pictures.

Im hoping there is a way?

  De Marcus™ 21:40 18 Jun 2006

There is most certainly a way, but not with the HP software, that's for sure. Let us know what format the video is in (most likely avi or mpeg), and someone will no doubt point you in the right direction.

  yvie 21:58 18 Jun 2006

oh thank you I do hope so. Im still quite a beginner at all this, I tend to point and click and hope for the best, but the video clips are a whole new ball game! The ones outide are fine, its just the indoor one I need to alter.

It says it is .mpg, if thats any use?

  De Marcus™ 22:16 18 Jun 2006

As a matter of fact I have the perfect program for you, easy to use and also add effects if need be, it's called My Sonic DVD 6 and comes with Arcsoft, I got it bundled with a JVC Digicam I bought some time ago and I've never used it, use the yellow envelope if your interested, I don't want any money for it. It will allow for your brightness adjustments and a whole lot more.

  De Marcus™ 22:17 18 Jun 2006

digicam? Mini DV camcorder more like

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