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Help in choosing iPhone and iPad

  john bunyan 11:17 30 Apr 2020

My wife and I are used to, and prefer iPhones! She currently has a 5s and I a 6s. She uses hers for calls and a bit of browsing, photos and emails. I use mine similarly plus music. Both were bought used from an excellent local repair man. My wife also has a mk 4 iPad for browsing ; not keen on our laptop. I have had to get rid of all iTunes as on my 6s (16 gig) as about 15gig is used for system and apps.

I want a SIM free phone and was considering a used iPhone 8 at £300 (cheaper if from Amazon etc but not such good parts used). My expert suggested a new se at £415 from J Lewis with a 2 year guarantee. With 64 gig that seems interesting. My wife, for a while, would take over my 6s that is fine except for storage.

I can’t justify much more but the new se seems worth a look rather than a used 8. Any views?

  wee eddie 11:49 30 Apr 2020

Carry on using your local man.

Among other things, he will see you right if anything goes wrong and will,. min all probability, guide you through the transfers

  wee eddie 11:51 30 Apr 2020

will,. min should read "will, in"

  john bunyan 13:53 30 Apr 2020

*wee eddie *

Good advice. He’s a real expert - soldered a fuse on a iPhone “motherboard “ much smaller than a pin head. He says that some used iPhones from apparently reputable sources hav n fact been “gutted” and reloaded with cheap , non Apple, parts. He thinks the new iPhone se at £415 is a good buy.

  bremner 19:08 30 Apr 2020

no brainier - Go for the SE from John Lewis every time.

  john bunyan 20:04 30 Apr 2020


Thanks ; I will ! My repair man said that with their 2 year guarantee, apart from a rather poor battery, you get most of the features of the 11 at a reasonable price. Even Apple doesn’t offer 2 years, and it’s less of a faff buying from a retailer even if I go for home delivery. The footprint is virtually the same as my 6s that I like. Just needed a push, thanks!!

  john bunyan 10:15 01 May 2020


  john bunyan 09:23 03 May 2020

I hope to receive a IPhone se from J Lewis soon. I have a 6s with 13.4.1 . The main reason for upgrading is to go from 16 to 64 gig storage. I will use I tunes to backup old iPhone and then propose to use “Quick Start” to duplicate my apps, data etc before wiping the old phone . A couple of questions: 1. Do I move the SIM before or after Quick Start?. 2. My Bank app is used quite a lot - will it move ok? Having wiped old phone I will backup my wife’s 5s to her iTunes and use that method to move her stuff to 6s as the 5s has older IOS. Finally, do I turn off Find my iPhone prior to QuickStart?

  bremner 10:48 03 May 2020

The phone will say there is no SIM but you do not need to pIt one in to Successfully do what you suggest but you will need to have Wi-fi to access iCloud

  john bunyan 15:14 03 May 2020


Thanks; so far I have only backed up whole phone on iTunes ( too mean to go over the 5 gig free). I do have contacts and photos there. I thought that one option for Quick Start was to transfer everything by Bluetooth straight from old to new phone? In case of an issue Ill make an iTunes backup and do it that way. Still not sure whether to turn off find my iPhone and / or move SIM first or second.Inclined to move it to new one first.

  bremner 09:56 04 May 2020

Quick Start

It is worth ensuring your contacts and calendars are sync'd to iCloud and that the Old Phone is fully backedup to a computer.

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