john bunyan 19:27 06 Feb 2011

I have a Sony TV with 2 SCART inputs and one HDMI. My Panasonic DVD recorder has one SCART and one HDMI outputs. When the SCART is connected and I select Timer/ EPG or Navigator (Recoded shows) on the Recorder, the SCART / TV auto detects to AV1 and I can select a show to record or watch without having to manually select AV1 on the TV. If I link the two by HDMI, the auto detect feature does not work but if I manually select AV4 on the TV I can do as above. Is there a way of ensuring the HDMI /TV auto detects input from the DVD recorder?

  BRYNIT 21:28 06 Feb 2011

If your Sony TV has the SMARTLINK feature and if your Panasonic DVD recored has a similar program they should communicate with one another via the HDMI cable. You will need to look through the instruction manual.

I have a Samsung TV and a Sony DVD/HD recorder that have no problems communicating with each other.

  john bunyan 22:19 06 Feb 2011

Thanks. I will study the manuals tomorrow.

  dwaynedibbly 00:01 07 Feb 2011

I`ve been trawling this forum for some time now. It still amazes/confuses me why this question continues too come up, and on a fairly regular basis.
Its simple. If your kit has got HDMI...then connect it via that interface.
Its a bit like saying...I`ve got an HD video cam but will I get the same result if I use my VHS JVD video cam.
HDMI has superseded Scart.
Dont try and connect both.
The first thing I did when I bought HDMI kit, was chuch the scart cables in the bin.

  dwaynedibbly 00:02 07 Feb 2011

chuch = chuck.

  john bunyan 12:46 07 Feb 2011

I an fully aware of the advantages of HDMI thank you, and would not connect both. The fact is that the auto feature I mentioned does not yet work with HDMI and as this is a bedroom TV (26") the difference in picture quality is slight - unlike the DVD vs VHS issue. I too trawl the forums but this feature / problem is a new one. NOT simple.

  john bunyan 18:03 08 Feb 2011

Thanks all. I have read the manuals but for some reason there should be an HDMI entry on ome of the menus - but it only shows under AV4. The shop says only SCART has the auto feature. I will tick as resoved and will try suggestions. If I have to I will just manually select AV4.

  BRYNIT 19:02 08 Feb 2011

Some of the smaller TV do not have the auto switch on the HDMI. If you supply the model number I'll have a read you never know I may find something you may have missed.

  john bunyan 19:27 08 Feb 2011

Thanks very much.TV model Sony KDL 26L40xx; DVDr Panasonic DMR-EX75EB. JB
This is a bedroom TV so not a huge problem. Downstairs I have a matching pair of TV and DVDr from Pioneer, sadly no longer in production..

  BRYNIT 00:14 09 Feb 2011

The only manual I could find for the Sony TV was for the KDL 26L4000 I assume it the same one.

Sony uses smart link and Panasonic calls it Q link.

Now if both units are capable of using these programs you will need to turn them on before anything will work.

With the Sony look in setup/HDMI setup if smart link is available you will have the option to turn it on.

With the Panasonic it should be in Setup/HDMI settings

If you look under HDMI setup in both manuals it should give you more info.

  john bunyan 08:47 09 Feb 2011

Thanks again, I will follow it up. In future will endeavour to buy equipment from the same source!

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