HDD/DVD recorders-Sony Vs Panasonic

  Greggy73 14:39 29 Jun 2007


Any thoughts on either the new Panasonic DMR-87EBK or the new Sony RDR-HXD970B DVD/HDD recorders?

Both have virtually identical price & spec (although i'm not sure if the Panny "pauses" live TV.)

Want to connect to a new Panasonic Plasma via HDMI and wondered if the "1080p upscaling" was all it seems cracked up to be..

Can't choose between the two..

Any help appreciated..

  Stuartli 17:37 29 Jun 2007

Apart from the fact that Panasonic makes excellent DVD recorders, it will prove perfectly compatible with your TV.

  freaky 10:51 30 Jun 2007

It's a definite advantage to have both TV and DVD Recorder from the same manufacturer.

For example, we have a Sony TV and a Panasonic DVDR....as a result there are certain things we cannot do with the DVDR because it's a Sony TV.

I can thoroughly recommend the Panasonic DVDR.

  Greggy73 22:34 30 Jun 2007

Thanks for the help guys.
Certainly will look into the Panasonic now taking your advice into consideration.

Maybe you could help with another query.

Any recommendations for a "quality" HDMI to HDMI lead?
I know you get what you pay for but it's also true that a high price tag doesn't necessarily mean it's the "best" out there...
Again, any help appreciated..

  Stuartli 22:50 30 Jun 2007

You do get what you pay for with such cables, but Aldi for one (and possibly Lidl) have had them on offer in recent weeks.

  Stuartli 23:01 30 Jun 2007

Also see:

click here

  DrøbakTor 15:36 01 Jul 2007

I have newly bought a 1080i 40 inch w series sony with a very basic Sony surround system without HDMI which was a mistake I want a 1080 recorder. They do not have the Sony RDR-HXD970S Multi Region machine in Norway and I wondered if the machines have digital tuners for each country or do they work also in Norway as in England? Norway get the riks net in place by middle of next year. We need the multi region one because we used to live in the US and well we have a lot of DVDs. The other question is that the old system that I bought HTD 720 HD with 160 GB memory can you store music on this I have all my music on Hardisk and want to transfer it over? The man here in Switzerland says we cannot store music nor picturs on this one? Can you help?

  Stuartli 17:40 01 Jul 2007

Each country has different DTB specificartions (the nearest to the UK is that of Italy), so either it's an individual tuner for each country or it's done through software (in the same manner as for PCI/USB stick Freeview/Digital tuner devices).

  luthier 13:29 02 Jul 2007

I have a DMR-77EBK linked to a Panasonic LCD TV. It came with a 'Panasonic' branded lead but every so often when playing back a recording, a 'HDMI' message would pop up in the top left hand corner of the TV screen. Very irritating! I solved it by buying this better quality lead from click here It wasn't too expensive and works very well. By the way the DMR-77EBK is an excellent bit of kit and works seamlessly with a Panasonic TV. Hope that helps.

  Greggy73 14:46 02 Jul 2007

Many thanks to all above who took the time to post replies...
Opinions above certainly seem geared more towards the Panasonic HDD/DVD due to it's interfacing abilities with Panny's own Viera TV range, and your overall praise for it's quality, therefore i think my dilemma has been solved.

Cheers guys... The DMR-87EBK it is!

"I love it when a plan comes together!"


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