HDD recorder and Sky

  wongie3 13:48 25 Dec 2011

Hi, Sorry if this is a silly question but I have Very limited understanding of technical things so I really need some help. At the moment I have Sky in my bedroom (the main Sky and box thing being in the front room). At the moment I have a DVD recorder attached but I would really like a DVD/HDD recorder instead. So what I am wondering is if I buy a HDD recorder but it already has freeview built in what will that do to my Sky signal? as I would like my Sky signal to outweigh the freeview (if that is possible). If that is possible could anyone recomend a good DVD/HDD recorder or a good HDD recorder. To be honest I wouuld like something basic as I know I will not use anything complicated. Any advise would be great Thank You

  morddwyd 19:32 25 Dec 2011

I have Sky in my bedroom, fed from the box in the living room, and also a normal HDD freeview recorder as well,

The freeview recorder should plug into a different input on your bedroom tv and will have no effect on the Sky signal.

  QuizMan 11:19 28 Dec 2011

On the TV, there is a button to select the source of the signal. Just select the appropriate one. On mine it is "TV" for Freeview and "HDMI" for Sky+HD, but others will vary no doubt.

  muddypaws 16:00 29 Dec 2011

You should have more than one scart socket on the TV. If the Sky box is plugged into the appropriate one--then switching on the Sky box will auto switch the TV to the Sky. If it doesn't then try another TV scart socket. The TV manual normally shows them as either Aux.1. 2. or 3 OR AV1.2. or 3. The HDD can go into one of the others and you will have to manually select its input from the TV menu.

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