HD TV -Please could i have some advise

  Mozzy - 2Choke 12:39 11 Feb 2007

Hi ive been looking at HDTVs becuase i will shortly be getting an xbox360, ive been searching the we for stuff under £400, i dont want to pay more than that.

Below are a few links to HDTV's ive been looking at, if anyone could suggest anything else that is better or reccomend one of the links below.

click here

click here

click here


  Pamy 12:44 11 Feb 2007

try argos

  Mozzy - 2Choke 12:46 11 Feb 2007

ive looked at argos and dont like the look of them and stuff

  Mozzy - 2Choke 12:50 11 Feb 2007

actualy although i said that this one doesnt look bad

click here

but i think the one from comet looks promising

  bennyhillslovechild 12:51 11 Feb 2007

The Samsung range have been getting fantastic reviews for image quality, but I think you will regret purchasing a 23". If you can afford an extra £60 or so, the Smasung LE26R74BD is a 26" telly to die for....Cheapest I seen it so far was Dixons, but run it through Kelkoo or pricerunner or somesuch.

  Dizzy Bob 18:32 11 Feb 2007

Agree with Bennyhillslovechild,

The Samsung units are excellent, try currys or pc world but use the collect at store option to get the online price in store, the 23" Samsung is £396, as opposed to £549 'shopfloor' price.

Personally would go with a 26" but this may be outside your original budget. (although the 23" is available in white which would go with the 360 quite nicely!!!)


  Ben 216 21:22 11 Feb 2007

I find Richer Sounds are very good price-wise if you have one near you and, they'll price match aswell.

click here

I bought a Sony 26" BRAVIA (26U2000) and am currently using it as a monitor for my PC through standard analogue connection; the detail in games is awesome.

Samsung have always been leaders in flat panels, I remember years ago when the TFT monitors came out the Samsung's were the one's to have. And with Sony you'd only ever expect the best. Now Samsung & Sony have a new joint factory to produce their LCD screens. I would recommend either, Samsung's may be slightly cheaper than Sony's but the screen itself is likely to be the same so the price diffrence is going to be mainly packaging, features and brand name.

  Mozzy - 2Choke 21:25 11 Feb 2007

Thanks very much bennyhillslovechild & Dizzy Bob

Thanks for the hint of buy online and pick up instore.

  Stuartli 16:53 12 Feb 2007

You should be able to find a 32in for your price.

See, for instance:

click here

Like your Argos Wharfedale link, a rebadged product.

  Stuartli 16:55 12 Feb 2007

Tesco has some in around the same price, notably a Techsonic with what proved an excellent display when I was last looking at the lineup on show.

  Stuartli 18:41 13 Feb 2007

The Dabs model is currently on offer at £349.99.

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