HD TV with integrated freeview

  Peter J 20:06 24 Sep 2006

I have been looking to buy an lcd high definition television with integrated freeview (panasonic TX32LXD60). I went to my local Richer Sounds who were quite adamant that an integrated tv was a bad buy as an integrated freeview box does not pick up all the channels and the tv may be unserviceable if freeview went wrong. They suggested buying a tv and separate freeview box.
I wanted a clutter free solution.
I am worried that a reputable seller such as richer sounds should suggest that an integrated tv is a bad idea.
Do you agree with their view, and if not is the panasonic a good choice to buy?

  oresome 20:18 24 Sep 2006

Did Richer Sound not have a integrated TV in stock?

I would not purchase a none integrated TV now, providing that my freeview reception was OK as like you I would want to reduce clutter.

I assume that the integrated sets do not have a analogue tuner and are therefore useless in a none freeview reception area which perhaps explains their slow roll out?

  Peter J 20:28 24 Sep 2006

Thanks oresome for reply,
Yes they did stock integrated tv's. My area is v. good for freeview reception and I believe the panasonic has both analogue and digital tuners.

Are integrated tv's more prone to technical difficulties during their life?
It has an analogue tuner and if the worst happens, would it not be the case that i can buy a freeview box and plug into a scart socket and bob's your fathers brother.


  Stuartli 23:21 24 Sep 2006

Panasonic make some cracking LCD sets - I wouldn't hesitate to buy one whether it's an integrated Freeview version or not.

  colin1953 22:41 26 Sep 2006

I understand that freeview will not be broadcasting in HD until after the analogue switch off. There is not enough bandwidth available to them until this time. 2012 maybe.

  fazer 13:05 27 Sep 2006

To say that the TV may be unservicable if the tuner went wrong is absolute rubbish - you could always plug an external tuner in if things got that bad.

I have a Panasonic integrated TV and its tuner picks up both digital and analogue; don't they all?

As for Richer Sounds: I have been buying from them for years and from several of their stores. The prices are great, stock availability is usually good but would I take advice from them? No way! From my experince, these guys are salesmen and nothing else.

  Stuartli 14:19 27 Sep 2006

Of course. In fact the Freeview set top box you buy converts the digital signal back to analogue, otherwise you would be able to watch it (unless, of course, you have a genuine digital capable TV).

  Peter J 17:54 01 Oct 2006

I bought the TV yesterday, and am very pleased with it. Picture quality and sound are both good.

I got a very good deal from local empire direct store.


Roll on 2012 when we get HD on freeview :-)

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