rob3600 15:10 13 Feb 2011

OK maybe not computer related and rather a stupid question but was hoping someone can advise me, I have a Sumsung TV suppose to be HD, can some one tell me how to get the HD channels?

  uk-wizard 15:51 13 Feb 2011

Depends a lot on the model of TV.
It may have a in-built HD tuner and get it automaticaly in you are in an HD area.
It may need a feed trom a 'HD set top box' to feed it from freeview of freesat.

Give us the model number and we might be able to narrow it down.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 13 Feb 2011

HD channels are only available by freeview once your area has completed the Digital switch over.

  natdoor 19:41 13 Feb 2011

We in the South East have not had digital switchover but do get HD channels on Freeview.

  Roadgiant 22:58 13 Feb 2011

Don't forget that the Freeview HD channels start at number 50 (BBC1) and that there are only 5 at the moment

  rob3600 10:20 14 Feb 2011

Thanks for the info model number is LE26A456C2D, we are in an area that receives digital TV. The TV has a freeview box built in, I also use a Humax viewbox, (able to record more channels this way) hope this bit of info helps

  BRYNIT 11:12 14 Feb 2011

By the sound of it you have a standard HD ready TV with a standard digital tuner.

To get HD channels you will need either sky or virgin media with the HD channel package or freesat/Freeview box that is capable of receiving HD channel. With the Freeview it will depend on whether your area is capable of receiving HD channel via an aerial.

  rob3600 12:18 14 Feb 2011

It all makes sense now, thanks everyone

  dms_05 13:48 14 Feb 2011

The LE26A456C2D seems to be a 26" TV. At such a small size you won't be able to see any difference between SD and HD so don't waste money buying extra equipment to access HD channels. You'd need a 37" or larger TV to see the real HD effect, 32" might show some difference depending upon the quality of the screen and how close you sit!

  Joseph Kerr 12:40 16 Feb 2011

I disagree, I think you can see a difference between HD and SD on TVs under 37 inches. Whether it is enough of a difference is up to the viewer.

I also think it bares repeating that you will get more HD with Virgin or Sky than Freesat (though with teh latter there is teh capacity for many more to be added, whereas with Freeview there is capacity for only a couple more) or Freeview, though you may not want the extra that they provide.

  anchor 12:53 16 Feb 2011

The are 5 HD Freeview channels at present, but one of them, S4C Clirlun, is available only in Wales.

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