HD Freeview

  oresome 15:54 25 Feb 2010

Richer Sounds are now offering the Humax HD-FOX T2

click here

No doubt prices will fall once there's a few manufacturers with equipment available.

  john bunyan 18:04 25 Feb 2010

Thanks for link. Just looked on Freeview site and my area (S.Hants) will not get it until 2012, so I will watch and wait..
I wonder if Freeview HD is as good as Freesat? Also with a very good TV, at what size screen is HD as broadcast significantly better than normal?
I mostly watch in a small sitting area with a Pioneer 37" which has a very good picture.

  dms_05 17:11 26 Feb 2010

Just connect an HD source and you will be surprised by how awful your current SD picture actually is!

The size depends upon how far away is your viewing position. I sit about 12' from a 37" HDTV and the difference between the best of HD (only on Sky I'm afraid) and SD from the likes of ITV is staggering. The difference between the best of SD (some FIVE output for example) and BBC HD is less pronounced but still easily observed.

  oresome 18:53 26 Feb 2010

My only source of HD is via a blu-ray player and discs.

The difference in quality between this and a good freeview channel on a 42" Panasonic full HD plasma is subtle, rather than startling at viewing distances of around 12 to 15 feet.

I've seen sharper pictures on LCD TVs, but they're not to my liking, probably because they highlight the flaws and often appear over sharpened with halos imo.

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