has anyone got a galaxy s5

  sunnystaines 17:11 01 May 2014

my contract with "3" with a galaxy s3 ends in july, read reviews was wondering if anyone has got one and can give a personal opinion so far.

  martd7 22:25 01 May 2014

Not me but i always find the reviews here informative

click here

  sunnystaines 08:27 02 May 2014

mart7 a very good read thank you for posting

  martd7 13:42 02 May 2014

Not v good review really,my upgrades due in a few months but in sticking with Nokia lumia,new phones will have windows 8.1

  Gordon Freeman 16:40 10 May 2014

yep, just got mine. First thing that struck me is how fast it is. Makes my old s3 appear rather sluggish/laggy. Still working out what it can do, so may be a few weeks yet before I've fully got to grips with it. Good first, hands-on, impression though.

  sunnystaines 09:30 11 May 2014

gordon is that with 4g

  Gordon Freeman 11:51 11 May 2014

I've got it on O2 which does provide 4g, but I've not tried that yet. I think that's only available in certain areas at the mo, not sure. On speed I was talking about the phone's processing speed, i.e. how quickly it does things. On this point, there is a noticeable difference between the s5 and the s3.

  Gordon Freeman 12:08 11 May 2014

I think the only thing I don't like, is related to this waterproofing malarkey. I'm not likely to go anywhere where I would need this facility, so to my mind it's pointless and is just trend following of the likes of Sony IMHO.

To plug the charging lead into the fone, you have to unclip a flap at the bottom (which can be quite awkward if you have fat fingers and short finger nails), and then plug your charging lead into the right hand side (there seems to be 2 types of connector but my charging lead only fits one of them)....it's just a minor 'nause' which no doubt I'll get used to over time. So, on the S5 is a little more fiddly; with the S3 of course u just plugged straight in, you could almost do it with your eyes closed.

Got me thinking though that this flap could get easily broken off if you go in ham-fisted, so maybe need to be careful with this.

  sunnystaines 07:44 12 May 2014

gordon thank you. I have a charge lead that plugs into the cigar lighter in my vehicle, will i need a new one or are the charging sockets same as on the S3.

  Gordon Freeman 20:18 12 May 2014

yes, exactly the same connector, so you won't need a replacement lead.

  Gordon Freeman 20:25 12 May 2014

sorry, meant to add, the mains charger is more or less identical to the s3 one which you probably have, although it's now white as opposed to the s3 black one. Same set up insofar as a 3 pin uk plug affair, into which plugs the (white) usb connecting lead. Then the same type of connector into the phone.

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