Hardware Error 1032

  [DELETED] 10:32 12 Feb 2007

I have several sorts of DVD -including a bulk pack of printables.
In burning a disk I found that when using the disks from the bulk pack[ Dysan DVD-R printable]- the burn gets 48% through- stalls and the the message Burn failed -Hardware Error 1032 shows.
The program burns the same data onto other disks I have. [Datasafe DVD & bulk unbranded printable 'blacktop'CD's]for example.
As this is the third attempt the bulk pack is suspect - so I would like to know more about the message ,as evidence when I take the rest of the pack back.
Meanwhile I'll change burn software to see if that makes a difference.
Any ideas any one?

  bremner 11:17 12 Feb 2007

What burning software are you using?

  [DELETED] 13:55 12 Feb 2007

This relates to the 'Burn routine' in a slide show program.[DVD PixPlay]
I am as I write building the show again to save to disk then to try with one of the other programs I have
BurnXP Pro
for example.
As a rule for general burning I use Windoze own or either of the above
Which then brings into the wonderment are these various 'burning programs' actual programs with 'real' differences or are they just 'posh' fronts for what MS has built in?

  [DELETED] 16:24 12 Feb 2007

Resolved by compiling the show to Harddrive then using an external burner- DVDBurner XP Pro

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