Is a graphics card needed for video editing?

  keewaa 08:08 26 May 2006

Is a graphics card needed for video editing, or will on board graphics work fine.

I hear graphics cards are really only essential for 3D games and am wondering if I want to transfer video to the PC, edit it, possibly add some effects, encode and write to DVD, will the presence of a graphics card (vrs onboard graphics) make any difference (in a new PC).

Am I correct in thinking that the processor and RAM are the key components to consider?

  keewaa 11:30 26 May 2006

It's the low end Dell's I'm looking at :

The 1100 has 32 - 64MB DVMT shared with system memory

the 3100 has 224MB shared

So I guess the 3100 would be a better choice.


  vinnyT 13:55 27 May 2006

I realise you have closed the thread, but, whichever pc you choose, make sure that it has either an agp or, better, a pci-e slot so you can upgrade later on if your needs change.

Not all mobos with onboard video have the agp or pci-e slots on them.

  keewaa 16:40 27 May 2006

Thanks for that VinnyT ... yep neither the 1100 or 3100 have either slot, and I'm aware that has caught people out a year down the line.

I guess I am questioning the need for a graphics card at all for users who don't play games and aren't into high end video or 3D modelling ...

what else would make a GPU an essential upgrade in the future ?

  De Marcus™ 17:06 27 May 2006

what else would make a GPU an essential upgrade in the future ?

Certain versions of vista

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