Google Play Store - I no longer on my Salaxy S7

  wee eddie 17:11 12 Feb 2018

Any idea how I get it back

  wee eddie 17:12 12 Feb 2018

For Salaxy, please read Galaxy

  Forum Editor 22:29 12 Feb 2018

Take a look at this.

  wee eddie 22:50 12 Feb 2018

It seems to presuppose that you already have Playstore on your phone.

It appears that I don't, that is the problem

  I am Spartacus 01:40 13 Feb 2018

You can download it from apkmirror Although there is a slight risk from sideloading files apkmirror has a good reputation.

Either download the file to your phone or copy from a PC if downloaded there and double tap to run it. You will have to change your security settings to allow files from unknown sources to run although your Samsung phone will automatically ask you to make the change on a 'one-off basis' when you run the apk file.

I'm not sure which version you'll need to download as my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is running 8.8.12 and is currently up to date.

  I am Spartacus 01:41 13 Feb 2018

Sorry, wrong link, this is the one for apkmirror

  wee eddie 06:12 13 Feb 2018

Regardless of attempts to avoid it, it wants to download bitcoin stuff

  Forum Editor 11:28 13 Feb 2018

This link may be better.

  wee eddie 13:28 13 Feb 2018

It appears that I have deeper problems, the phone's backup system no longer works. The 'vcf' file it says it creates is not to be found anywhere neither on the phone nor the card.

I have spoken with the Samsung Helpline and will attempt to sort this first.

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