Google Conversations Folder on Android Phones

  SURVEY 14:50 16 Jul 2012

I have an HTC Desire running Android. Google started some time ago to introduce a 'Conversations' threaded message folder and all emails download into that. I can reply to those messages. However it takes a considerable time for the emails to appear in my normal Email Account folder on the phone. I would love to be able to delete the intrusive Conversations folder but skimming through all the android posts on the internet where people hate the folder, it may not be deletable. Is it actually possible to remove the folder?

I know one can use another email handler but all the alternatives seem to have a downside.

This appears to be another example of a big company forcing its views on the customer, whether they like it or not and not heeding the feedback. Do I have to select a non-android phone next time?

  Woolwell 11:56 17 Jul 2012

I only get text messages in my Messaging app and e-mails appear in e-mails or can be found in the social hub. Not sure what you mean by conversation folder.

  SURVEY 13:24 17 Jul 2012

Woolwell - My android phone gives folders of Email (All Accounts), Conversations (these are threaded emails), Favorites, Unread,Marked,Meeting. It is not possible to delete any of these folders! It is so annoying that the emails first show as Conversations and then some time later show up in the normal email inbox.

  Woolwell 13:49 17 Jul 2012

My android phone has e-mails and gmail in separate apps. No conversations except in gmail and messages.

  SURVEY 16:41 17 Jul 2012

Is it possible to remove the Conversations folder in gmail? I belive that you can on the internet version but I dont think you can on the mobile android gmail version.

  Woolwell 19:21 17 Jul 2012

Don't think that it is possible to turn off conversations (it is not a folder, just the way it is displayed in thread) in the gmail app. However see this which may allow you to use the standard mail app for gmail and mail app does not use conversations.

  SURVEY 19:56 17 Jul 2012

Woolwell - link?

  SURVEY 19:56 17 Jul 2012

Woolwell - link?

  Woolwell 20:04 17 Jul 2012

click on see this or

  Woolwell 20:05 17 Jul 2012

Forgot that PCA doesn't underbars enter link description here

  SURVEY 21:14 17 Jul 2012

Woolwell - thanks!

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