Goofle Chromecast and Android tablet

  carper 21:46 24 Oct 2014

Hi, Can anyone give their experience with using Google Chromebook transferring material to TV from an Android tablet. Any information much appreciated. Regards Carper

  ams4127 22:06 25 Oct 2014

Last week I bought an LG TV and a Chromecast from my local Tesco. The TV was reduced from £370 to £299.

Plugged the Chromecast into one of the HDMI slots on the back of the TV and then set it up using my Nexus 7. Just download the Chromecast app from the Play Store and follow the instructions. Only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

There seem to be 2 ways to cast (stream) items to the TV. Most apps (i.e. Youtube) have their own "Cast" tab. Just select that and play the video. Using the Chromecast app you can cast the tablet screen to the TV and play a game for instance. However I did find some lag when playing a fast moving racing game.

Couple of tips.....

  1. Make sure your WiFi signal is good because the Chromecast connects to your home network.

  2. A short HDMI extension cable is supplied but you may need a longer one. This is because the Chromecast sits at the rear of your TV which is a bit of a WiFi shield, so you might need to move it to the side to get the signal.

Hope this helps

  carper 13:26 26 Oct 2014

Hi Thanks a lot for that. Very helpful. Is it possible to view pictures from my tablet on the TV screen, I know it can be used for a Power Point display. Thanks again. Regards Carper

  muddypaws 15:54 26 Oct 2014


Is your Nexus7 the 2012 version or later. Mine is 2012 and appears not compatible from the description.

  ams4127 22:15 26 Oct 2014

Sorry, I should have said that mine is the later model of Nexus 7. I don't know if the older one is compatible though I suspect not.

I can't help you as regards showing photos because I just plug in a USB drive and view them from that. Having said that, I can see no reason why you could not view your photos, via Chromecast, using a suitable app. If you were to use the main Chromecast app your screen would be mirrored on your TV, so anything you see on the tablet will be on the TV screen.

Hope this helps.

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