gold plated audio jack connectors give echoed output-how common is this?

  theDarkness 16:37 24 Feb 2012

I am absolutely certain now that this is the cause. I have had echo with virtually no vocal at all using this laptop using my samsung headphones-it has annoyed me for a very long time as my stereo system using the same headphone jack socket, worked perfectly. You can revert to leaving the headphones halfway out of the socket, in which the vocal can then be heard, but the bass and much of the sound overall will still be missing.

I think I have now worked out the cause-I have many headphones for a test. All my working headphones (and my stereo system) use a silver jack connector, and all the ones giving an echoed output with almost no vocal use a gold plated jack. I am guessing its because the realtek sound/motherboard inside the system is of an older variety that just isnt compatible with gold plated ones, but how common is this? Has anyone experienced it? I am pretty certain that the gold and silver audio quality difference isnt a mere co-incidence XD

  rdave13 19:47 24 Feb 2012

Always thought that gold gave a better connection only. Have a look at this,

Possibly a duff jack.

  ton 20:01 24 Feb 2012

It's a faulty jack. Nothing to do with it being gold.

  theDarkness 21:25 24 Feb 2012

rdave-I saw that link before, but thanks anyway :) ton+rdave-a faulty connector on the laptop did seem likely at first, but if so, why do all my headphones with silver jacks work fine with no issues? its a bit of a coincidence that (if you include the speaker system) my 3 silver jack connectors work perfectly, and the laptop gives perfect output, yet the 2 gold ones do not, with all 5 using the same headphone socket. The gold jack headphones work in any other compatible device, so I know that all my headphones work 100%.

I may need to try more silver headphones to find out if its possible that gold plated jack connectors may not be compatible with some laptops audio hardware. I dont know how common, or how possible this could be. Im not sure if the gold plated ones have ever worked with this system before, as I hardly use headphones with this laptop-so Im not ruling out a possible audio driver issue either (although a removal-reinstall made no difference).


  ton 22:33 24 Feb 2012

Probably the gold ones are very slightly different in size or shape in some way.

  rdave13 22:42 24 Feb 2012

If the gold jack headphones work in other machines then the the socket in the laptop is the weakest link.

  theDarkness 23:02 24 Feb 2012

absolutely identical in length, but there is another difference-the gold headphone jack connectors have 3 seperations, and the silver ones have 2, check my image here:

  rdave13 23:28 24 Feb 2012

It's a different jack. Find out from the website you got the images from what they are specifically for. Nowt to do with gold or silver then.

  theDarkness 00:04 25 Feb 2012

you are right, I will need to search for identical connections online to verify that. If it truly is a problem with the jack shape, despite it connecting ok, my first guess was that the gold headphones I have are primarily for mobile phones or mp3 players, but.. I bought the gold jack samsung headphones I have here in argos, which I was sure were labelled as to be used in any 3.5mm headphone device. To confuse matters more, when I search for gold headphones for mobile and mp3 players, I get the same shape connectors as the silver with the 2 seperations. Perhaps the gold one with the 3 strips as above is a newer headphone type, that just isnt compatible with this laptop and nothing more, which would indicate that the hardware is old and so wont recognize it fully-I get the music, but almost no vocal :) If I take the gold headphone out of the socket halfway, I get the voice, but not all of the sound.

I have found similar issues here, the second also notably realtek:

  rdave13 00:27 25 Feb 2012

Looks like an mp3 player or ipod jack.

  rdave13 00:29 25 Feb 2012

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