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Gmail not receiving certain mail.

  gazmix 22:18 22 Mar 2018


So someone with a btinternet email address mailed me to my Gmail with attachments and it's never arrived. They sent it to my Hotmail and it did arrive so I forwarded it from Hotmail to Gmail.. Any help on why it couldn't be sent from. Btinternet to Gmail?.


  wee eddie 22:41 22 Mar 2018

The most common cause of this is an incorrect address. Get him to send a trial email

  gazmix 10:04 23 Mar 2018

I've sent myself an email from Gmail to Gmail and Hotmail to Gmail and all works

  wiganken2 11:43 23 Mar 2018

If you have "Smart Tabs" enabled then the email may have been diverted into one of the following tabs: - Social, promotions, Updates or Forums. You will not see these tabs unless you click on "More", on the left hand side, which will reveal these tabs. Have a look in these to see if your email is in there. I found 10 emails in the Forums tab which were 4 months old. To stop this happening I went into "Settings" then selected the "Inbox" tab and in the "Categories" section I unticked all but the "Primary" radio button. Now all mail goes into my Inbox so I can be sure I am not missing any. If it ain't there then it's in Spam or it didn't arrive.

  wee eddie 12:28 23 Mar 2018

Your ability to do the biz is not in doubt but, if he is sending to an incorrectly written address, it won't get to you.

I'll give you an example that I had with my sister who complained that I was not responding to the emails she had sent.

my email address is 'aaa[email protected]'. Unfortunately the '' between the a's and the b's is hidden by the line beneath them when the address is printed in blue and she I believe the was sending the emails to 'aaa [email protected]

Such a simple error but, of course, the mails did not get through.

  wee eddie 12:31 23 Mar 2018

This is really infuriating. The Formatting on this site keeps leaving 'underlines', 'stars' and 'spaces' out when putting the response onto the thread

  gazmix 13:44 23 Mar 2018

Hi I'm using Gmail via phone so can only see promotions and social tabs, maybe forums tab is on pc.?

I sent the sender my email address via messenger so they just click on it to write the email. The address they used was correct.

  wee eddie 14:16 23 Mar 2018

Why don't you email him. Cut out the middle man

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