Ghost images on screen .

  magnus35 11:16 07 Mar 2008

My TV , Freeview recorder and DVD recorder are linked in the manner suggested by instruction manuals but there is a problem with 'ghost' images of what looks like another channel floating on and across the TV screen . The picture is not as sharp as it was either .
I have previously used other machines and have usually had to connect them separately to the TV via a scart switcher as linking them in series , either in the manner suggested or by variuos other trial configurations , always seems to result in interference resulting in impaired viewing .
Is this a common problem or can anybody suggest a remedy ?

  mickeblue 14:01 07 Mar 2008

Try retuning your freeview box. I had something similar a while back and retuning did the trick for me.

  wiz-king 21:20 07 Mar 2008

If you are using SCART leads it could be that the RF output from any of the boxes is being picked up by the SCART leads on one of the other boxes, Also you may have one of the RF modulators (normally set to channel 36) causing interference, try moving the output channel(s) slightly.

  Stuartli 23:59 07 Mar 2008

It's most likely to be caused by interference from other cables, as suggested by wiz-king.

I used to have the same problem at one time until rearranging the cables layout, which stopped the ghosting and fading of Freeview channels.

  magnus35 00:18 08 Mar 2008

Thanks for the responses .
I'll try rearranging the cables and post back with the result .

  jack 09:08 08 Mar 2008

When using 'Open' SCART blocks or some with mechanical switches- there always the risk of 'carry over' if the several devices are 'Active'
So it eems that the blocks save constant replugging- but only if one device is 'Talking' at a time- all others must be off.
There is an exception- Philips do an automatic scart block that will detect the 'Active' device and internally block all others.
This has the disadvantage of then preventing say The digi Box 'talking' to the PVR to record a program whilst the TV is getting something else.
The best way[for me] it seems is as follows.
RF into digi out to PVR-out to VCR out to TV

Digi/PVR to Block VCR to block
Thus I can watch /record any Digi/PVR combination of channels whilst the VCR remains indipendant.

  magnus35 15:33 08 Mar 2008

Moving cables , as suggested , has brought about a vast improvement .
Thanks again to all who responded .

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