Getting a signal to several televisions.

  John B 12:11 16 Nov 2008

I use the 2nd tv out on my sky box to feed a powered tv splitter box which then feeds two other televisions. This works really well.

However I'm getting rid of the sky box when the Humax Freesat PVR/DTR becomes available (at the end of the month I believe).

Can anyone suggest the best way of supplying a signal to the other televisions? Neither has freeview (terrestrial will be switched off here next March)so I assume I'll need a freeview box for each tv.

Incidentally, will the Freesat box referred to above, have a 2nd tv out connector?



  natdoor 14:36 16 Nov 2008

I stongly suspect that it will not have an RF output. The specification I have seen shows HDMI and 2 scart outputs.

If you are going to use freeview boxes to enable each set (to display a different channel), these will need to be supplied by antenna inputs. So if you have an antenna providing adequate signal (the level will increase after analogue switch off), you could use your splitter box to feed both freeview boxes.

  john bunyan 14:41 16 Nov 2008

I'm not an expert and like you am thinking of the new Humax PVR. An aerial installer told me that if you want to watch one programme and record another via Freesat, you need two cables from the dish. If you want to move the Humax to another location you need another set of two cables from the dish. - He said you cant split cables as one does with terrestial Freeview.Others such as Stuartli may have amore expert view.

  John B 15:01 16 Nov 2008

I hoped the freesat box would work off a single lnb ... but perhaps not? It looks a little more complex than I'd expected to get the signal around the house!

  Stuartli 15:22 16 Nov 2008

The Humax Freesat PVR launch has, I'm given to understand, been put back yet again...:-(

  john bunyan 16:33 16 Nov 2008

Stuartli. My local shop said to January :-(
John B. You can of course use freeview in other rooms. I was proposing to have the Humax / dish connected to the TV with one HDMI cable, and the Freeview via a DVD recorder and a second HDMI. I am mainly interested in the recording and watching of free HD via the Humax.

  BRYNIT 18:50 16 Nov 2008

If you have a quad (4way)LNB fitted to the dish this will allow one cable to be connection to your existing sky box to receive freesat channels and will allow you to still connect to the other TV's. Two cables can be connected to the Humax Freesat PVR/DTR allowing to record one channel and view another.

  John B 19:48 16 Nov 2008

john bunyan ; in your proposed setup, are you talking about freeview and freesat as separate items? If so; how might you send the signal to other TVs?

BRYNIT... that sounds like a possible solution. The humax, then, presumably does need two lnb feeds?

  john bunyan 08:57 17 Nov 2008

John B.
Yes . I have a couple of aerials with splitters piped to several rooms with freeview TV's or set top boxes ,including a lead to my PC (MCE). In my main viewing room I have a 1080p TV and want to view and record free HD TV (dont have or want Sky), and propose to get the new Humax there with two cables as mentioned by BRYNIT , and an HDMI connection to this TV, alongside the existing one from Freeview DVD recorder (I like to record freeview via a DVD recorder so if there is something my grandchildren want to burn to DVD I can do that there). I would use the Humax mainly for HD.I wondered if it was worth having another room enabled as above, hence the 4 cables as BRINIT says.

  john bunyan 18:07 17 Nov 2008

John B. Further to the above I think the longest HDMI lead is 10 metres so if another TV was in that range I assume you could switch to it. I had in mind that I would have to physically move the Humax to a new location if I wanted to watch HD TV elsewhere, hence the need for ? two pairs of cables ie one pair to location a and one pair to b.

  John B 18:57 17 Nov 2008

I think I've now got an idea about what I might be able to do ... just need to wait for the humax...!

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