Getting rid of yellow triangle warning after rooting smartphone...

  Florio 17:29 23 Dec 2014

I have just rooted my Samsung Galaxy mini 2 ST-6500 following the instructions given on click here and everything appears to have gone smoothly. The only problem now is how to get rid of that yellow triangle warning that pops up every time I turn on the phone. I know that there is an app that can get rid of it, but I'd prefer not to have to install it. Nor do I want to use a USB jig.

I've watched a couple of YouTube videos (click here and click here respectively), and although they seem straight-forward, I cannot follow their advice completely since my smartphone is either missing some of the files they refer to, or else (in the case of the first video), the kernel I have downloaded is a zip file which contains 2 separate files, and which cannot be opened by Odin 3.09.

Has anyone managed to resolve the same problem, or could offer me some advice?


  wee eddie 01:30 24 Dec 2014

I hope that I'm not being overly pessimistic but there have been rumours of fake "How to Root your Smartphone" Videos, going the rounds.

Best of luck in finding a solution

  mole1944 12:48 24 Dec 2014

You have broken the golden rule "If ain't broke don't fix it or as i used to say to our IT guys "It's not broken" there reply "don't worry we'll soon fix it"

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