Getting a PC 4k ready. For new TV.

  Nick Leigh 20:20 06 Mar 2017

I'm trying to ascertain the minimum specs for a PC to output over HDMI 4k. I'm purchasing 55ks7000 so need a good quality output. What's the minimum GPU CPU and ram.

  Archonar 11:02 07 Mar 2017

What will you be doing with the pc? Gaming? Watching tv? 4K takes a lot of video RAM so expect to be shelling out on your graphics card.

Let us know what you want to do and we can provide some recommendations

  Nick Leigh 11:07 07 Mar 2017

Hi appologise left that bit out. Only watching TV/films. Thanks for your help.

  Archonar 13:42 07 Mar 2017

The onboard graphics on your processor might even be okay for watching tv / films, what specs do you have at the moment?

  Nick Leigh 19:25 07 Mar 2017

I have a fairly old i5 around 5 years old. No graphics card and 8gb ram. Again 5 years old. Would a half decent PC run this no problem then?

  Archonar 10:18 08 Mar 2017

A 5 year processor might be a tad old but definitely worth trying it before you buy it as it may well work.

You only need high end pc's to run 4K games, streaming TV is far easier (most tv and movies only run at about 30fps ish) so I think if you can't run it now either a cheap graphics card or a processor upgrade and you should be fine.

  Nick Leigh 19:29 08 Mar 2017

Hi, thanks for this impossible to get an answer online. If I "try it" how will I know if I'm outputting full UHD 4K HDR or not? I don't want to bottleneck the quality anywhere along the line. Thanks.

  Archonar 11:06 09 Mar 2017

Well I'm not sure this is a way to be definite but if you watch a youtube video and set the quality to 4K then it should force the video to stream in 4K if your internet is fast enough.

  aquatarkus 20:47 22 Mar 2017

Hi there If you want 4k at a decent refresh rate (60hz) then your going to need a graphics card with HDMI2.0 output and is HDCP 2.2 certified, otherwise your only going to get 4k at 30htz, and on a pc on a decent screen that's really painful, mouse is very jerky and no smooth movement. Are you running the PC through an A/V amp or direct to the TV, if running through an AV amp then guess what, your going to need to upgrade that as well to one again with at least 1x HDMI 2.0 out put and HDCP2.2.

One final point there is at the moment only 1 4k Blu-ray player for the PC that that's the Cyberlink Power DVD (latest version) Emby Server / Theatre and Kodi are options if your using the pc as a Home Theatre PC (HTPC).

Regards Keith W

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