Getting into the 21st Century - me that is !

  sw-blue 23:53 05 May 2007

Only joined this site on Wednesday and made 3/4 posts. Really pleased to see this digital forum as this is my latest craze, or so my family keep on telling me.

As someone who works with computers everyday and manages ( from the customer perspective) the installation of large Office automation systems, i had actually tried not to introduce all these gadgets into my home, preferring instead to wallow in my luddite traditionalmethods of communication and entertainment.

Over the last 12 months, things have changed for a number of reasons. My 2 sons are entering their GCSE exam periods, I am entering mid life and have wondered if there is more to life than BT landlines, my beloved hifi and Eastenders!

Deciding that 'change' is what I needed, i have purchased the following in the last 12 months:

-32" sony bravia (replacing my 21 year old CRT)

-Garmin Nuvi 360T SatNav ( replacing shedloads of maps )

-LG home cinema with DVD recorder and 80GB HDD

-Canon S3IS 6mp camera with 2GB SD card, 12*zoom and fantastic video recording (replacing 15 year old point and shoot), bargain at £200 for camera and SD card

-Dell PC with 320Gb HDD and 2GB DDR memory, Vista, Office 2007 + TV Tuner

-Sony ericcson K800i (a steal at £100 total for the phone plus 12 months of 200 mins plus 300 texts on virgin)

-and this week a Creative Zen M vision 60GB MPEG1/2/3/4 player etc.

Paid a lot of money overall, but given that I spent virtually nothing in these areas before then I was able to do so recently. Also I have never paid top whack for anything, its my policy never to pay top price. I try to buy good quality but not top price. Everything has been bought off Ebay, Ebuyer, Amazon, Comet clearance site or imported and I have saved an absolute fortune in the process.

Each purchase was planned by checking out best of type via reviews etc then finding cheapest ways to purchase. I have never had a problem with anything either. click here has been invaluable in checking what the best deals around were, but I often then beat those prices on ebay or on the clearance sites.

Anyway, glad to join you all in the 21st century and got to say that its been good fun so far .....

  sw-blue 00:03 06 May 2007

Meant to add that ALL of these devices interface with each other via USB, SD, HDMI or bluetooth meaning that I can use my data in a number of ways.

This also leads me to believe that within 10 years, or even less, there will be a single hand held device that does them all .......

  Forum Editor 01:31 06 May 2007

there will be a single hand held device that does them all ......."

I'm pretty sure that will come about.

As a matter of interest, which Bravia model do you have? I need a new TV for the office, and I was looking at them in John Lewis today. Are you pleased with yours?

  sw-blue 08:22 06 May 2007

Got the 32v2000 model that was the latest offering in December when I got it. It has a single HDMI whereas I understand that there is now a double HDMI interface if 2 are needed.

It looks great, sound is good but I tend to use the home cinema now which, when the neighbours are out, blows the mind away with its quality.

Picture on normal mode is v good from distances > 2 metres away, any nearer and some programmes, particularly fast moving like sports, can lok a bit 'pixelated'. When using DVD or watching via HD, the picture is simply stunning and can sometimes look almost 3D. I don't do gaming, but if I did I expect this would also fall into the 'stunning' category.

Got it from the Comet Clearance (auction) site in December at £300 off the then asking price. Ex display model that is unmarked, came fully boxed with full documentation and full warranty.

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