Galaxy S8 using too much internet

  pillowwww 23:43 20 May 2017

So i just bought a new galaxy S8 today and I have been having a problem with it all day, any time im on my computer and if I use my phone at all when the wifi is on it seems to make me have really high ping and lose connection of games etc. Would really appreciate if someone could help me resolve the issue.

  rdave13 00:03 21 May 2017

Take it back as you've encountered problems with it. Not fit for purpose. Go back to your old phone. Not worth the hassle or a new contract when something like this happens.

  rdave13 00:11 21 May 2017

PS you are within you rights as there is a 'cooling off' period with a contract. This may help .

  pillowwww 11:01 21 May 2017

I think I can resolve the problem as I like the phone apart from that issue

  Forum Editor 13:30 21 May 2017

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  Menzie 03:25 22 May 2017

That is strange that the router would give the phone priority on the wifi.

What is the speed of your internet connection?

Only thing I can thing of is setting the QoS on your router (Quality of Service) so that the PC always has a good connection.

I've had to do this in the past when sharing a home connection with heavy downloaders which affected my streaming.

  AllisonAngel 08:32 22 May 2017

Its because of heavy specs of Samsung Galaxy S8.

  pillowwww 11:51 22 May 2017

I have about 12mbps download, how would I change my QoS?

  Menzie 12:55 22 May 2017

It varies slightly by router, what sort of router do you have?

  wee eddie 13:21 22 May 2017

Just a thought.

When you buy a new phone, it will have been sitting in its box on the shelf for quite a while and its software will need any number of Updates.

If this is still happening in a weeks time, you may have a problem, but I would have thought that your initial experience was fairly normal, possibly exacerbated by a less that sparkling Connection Speed.

  pillowwww 13:35 22 May 2017

I think I may have fixed it by reseting app permissions, did it 2 hours ago and has been fine since.

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