Galaxy s6 network and simple card trouble

  Leemalin 18:57 10 Feb 2018

Help me pls.My name is s6 for missus Christmas off of eBay. Unblocked putility 10£ three credit on downloaded all settings. Phone has been sound up until 3 days ago.Now phone says not registered on network emergency calls only.I put 10 pounds on it through my phone and bank card.Still nothing .I can't get hold of anyone at three which is really poor I think to be honest.Do you think the phone is blocked.I've also put my son's three sim in but still nothing. Any help would be great.Thank you for listening every one.

  BRYNIT 19:46 10 Feb 2018

It could be blocked or it could just be a faulty SIM card. Do a google search for IMEI this will give you several companies that will offer a free IMEI check to see if it is blocked.

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