Galaxy A3 suddenly draining battery

  Scoupl 22:06 14 Aug 2017

Last week we switched on Location on my partner's Samsung galaxy A3 2016. It's never had it switched on before and he wanted to start using some of the extra features that this allows for. Within minutes it was clear that this was using up battery like crazy. So we switched Location off. However, ever since, the battery is still draining really quickly, to the point that it isn't getting through a working day without being charged. Any ideas? Its not a removable battery so cant try changing it. Phone is within warranty but don't have time to send it to manufacturer before our holiday!

  Scoupl 22:25 14 Aug 2017

Further info: Battery saving mode is on, as it always has been. Data is off. Auto sync is off. I checked where it tells you what is using the battery up. It says 83% is the screen, but the screen is just set to it's normal level. Have turned down the brightness with not much result.

  Govan1x 09:44 15 Aug 2017

The battery can be changed if you think that is the problem.

Click here

Looks like getting a phone shop to do it might be the best idea.

But you might go to all that expense and have the same problem. So best waiting to see if someone can give you proper advice.

Not sure about that model but can you shut it down completely so that nothing works then start it up again to see if that would help.

  Border View 22:52 16 Aug 2017

Have you got bluetooth switched on? I find with my Galaxy A5 that drags the battery down in no time.

  Scoupl 07:07 17 Aug 2017

No, Bluetooth is not switched on. Funnily enough, the problem seems to have sorted itself for now, and normal service has been resumed.

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