Furrin' Galaxy Note Pro

  morddwyd 17:31 22 Jul 2014

I've just received a Galaxy Note Pro which I ordered from Expedia, and is was all set up, including "Get Started" and warranty, in Polish.

No problem switching to English, of course, but does this mean I have a non UK ROM and could I have trouble in the future?

At £200 cheaper It would have to be a pretty big problem for me to send it back!

  morddwyd 17:53 22 Jul 2014

Whoops! Apologies to Expedia, it was Expansys.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 22 Jul 2014

As they are made in Taiwan and designed to work anywhere in the world, I expect the ROM is all the same and its just software to change the settings to suit the country.

  morddwyd 09:23 23 Jul 2014

Certainly no apparent problems.

The only reason I ask is that whenever you look at rooting a Samsung device they always stress using the correct ROM for your region, and there is a huge list of regional ROMs, even within the EU.

  Forum Editor 08:11 29 Jul 2014

Have you tried to check for a software update yet?

  morddwyd 20:44 29 Jul 2014

No. It is already 4.4.2 which is the latest Samsung have issued.

I'll wait for the next one, but thanks for the response.

  Forum Editor 06:51 31 Jul 2014

"I'll wait for the next one"

Yes, I understand that, but there was a reason for my question. Some people have experienced error messages when trying to check for software updates on phones sold in some regions.

It might be worth doing a check.

  morddwyd 19:47 31 Jul 2014

Yes, I see. Thanks.

No, no problem. usual message "Latest updates already installed".

Think perhaps I'm looking for trouble where there is none.

Glass half empty syndrome again!

  Forum Editor 20:56 31 Jul 2014

That's good.

I mean the 'no problems' part, not the 'looking for trouble where there is none' part. Look at that glass a different way, and relax.

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