Full HD Video Cam the best mid range?

  peterleemaxwell 13:22 13 Feb 2012

Full HD Video Cam the best mid range? I'm about to go from my standard camcorder (JVC Everio) to high definition. I wish to spend between £400 to £680 as this amount I have been given in a voucher I can spend anywhere in my local town except Curry's/PC World. (Their loss). I am thinking a hard drive? Plus card? Just a card? Any recommendations or advice appreciated. Usual usage holidays and family events.

  peterleemaxwell 13:22 13 Feb 2012

  peterleemaxwell 16:42 14 Feb 2012

No Advice or another person's suggestions?

  Bris 19:49 14 Feb 2012


Not many takers on this one but dont like to see a guy being ignored so will offer my humble opinion as follows:

re the hard drive question, I would tend to avoid one with a hard drive as they can be a little delicate (dont drop it) heavier on battery power and heavier physically.

For your budget....

something like this perhaps?

The nice thing about this is that it has built in solid state memory and is one of the few around at this price that has a viewfinder. The downside is that stills are recorded at only 2mp. As well as the built in memory you also get two card slots which means that if you record to a card and have a PC with a card slot you can just remove the card and pop it into your PC without having to connect the camera.

Incidentally I use a Sony VG10 and so cant comment on how good or bad the Canon is but a good place to find reviews is on the Amazon site.

Hope this very brief review helps but it is of course purely subjective

  Bris 20:01 14 Feb 2012

Just a quick update as I have had a quick look on Amazon and it appears that this model is new and so no reviews and you may struggle to track one down within your budget but its not much over the top.

  peterleemaxwell 19:12 18 Feb 2012

Thanks Bris, your comments are appreciated. As I look around the retail shops they seem, in this town anyway, to be 'downsizing' their range and beefing up to the 'do-it-all' camera that can take snaps and HD film. They also seem to favour the flip pocketable type of thing. Looking now at the 3Mos Panasonic. There again CCD is better than CMOS.

  Bris 14:36 20 Feb 2012

Interestingly camcorders seem to be a dying breed and as you suggest focus seems to be on digital cameras with video capablility. This is born out to some degree by the fact that there is now no main stream camcorder magazine that you can buy in Smiths etc.

With regard to your comment re CMOS/CCD, CMOS seems to be taking over from CCD and I have used both types and also models with 3 sensors and have found no difference in quality but again thats a subjective view and maybe more a comment on my eyesight.

  peterleemaxwell 14:46 20 Feb 2012

Thanks Bris I agree with your statements. Just purchased a Panasonic with the 3CMOS type chip. As you have said there's not a lot of difference, although in dark situations it does seem to enhance the picture. CCD is far superior to CMOS but trying to find a camcorder with that type of stabilisation is difficult as the latter being cheaper to produce. I think the day is coming when a piece of equipment will do everything. Videophone/text/camera/camcorder.

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