Fuji Finepix S7000-s card type?

  beattyben 17:34 01 Jun 2006

I've just purchased the Fuji S7000 camera (awaiting delivery), which comes bundled with a 16mb xd card. Apparently the camera can take xd, CF cards and a microdrive. Can anyone recommend the best format to use and how big can the card be in mb? Also, I'm a tad confused around the mAh ratings on rechargeable batteries. The camera takes 4 AA's and is supplied with a charger and 4x mAh 1800's. Can I buy batteries with a higher rating or would this damage the camera? Help from forum members is always greatly appreciated.

  oresome 18:43 01 Jun 2006

The camera will take a XD card up to 512Mb and a CF card up to 1Gb. You can have one of each in the camera and swich between them.

Apart from the supplied Xd card, I have only used a CF card because of the price advantage.

Higher capacity batteries will not harm the camera.

The supplied charger may take longer to charge higher capacity batteries or be unsuitable.....you'll have to read the charger instructions.

  amonra 22:09 01 Jun 2006

Avoid the microdrive option, they are VERY sensitive to shocks, ie they dont bounce.
I've got a 512 CF card and the same in XD, no big deal either way. Personally I prefer the CF as being more robust. Rechargeable AAs of 2500mAh last quite a long time, sorry I cant be more precise but I carry a spare set and just swop them over when exhausted.

  Fellsider 11:59 04 Jun 2006

I've had a S7000 for 2 years and as far as I am concerned it is a very good camera, despite what some folk will say.

I always have an Xd card (128Mb) and a CF card (256Mb) loaded so if I fill one I can change to the other.

As for batteries the newest ones that I have are Energizers and Fameart which I bought from:-

click here

The Famaert 4 way charger also comes with a car socket so you cancharge on the move.

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