Freezing (pixilating?) BBC 1

  provider 2 15:56 13 Apr 2011

Any help on this one, please.

My Sky+ picture/sound freezes/stutters at precisely 6.57 pm for about half a second, then again at at 6.58 pm for a shorter time.

This happens daily and on BBC 1 but at no other time as far as I know. I hear it`s happening on cable and Freesat too in different parts of the country.

Any explanations?

  ams4127 16:55 13 Apr 2011

I'm using Freesat here on Anglesey but can't say I've ever noticed the problem.

I'll watch closely tonight.

  provider 2 17:16 13 Apr 2011

Mmm ... it gets a mention here on BBC Points of View from time to time, but perhaps it`s not all that common ... yet.

  provider 2 11:46 14 Apr 2011

Same again last night, double freezing incident 6.57 / 6.58 pm on BBC 1.

I`m wondering now if it might have something to do with the switch from regional to whole-network programmes?

The programme called The One Show is scheduled to start at 7.00 pm but usually starts two or three minutes before. The freezing happens shortly after this programme begins.

  dms_05 13:43 14 Apr 2011

It always happens on Satellite (Sky and Freesat are identical in this repect). At a notional 19.00 BBC Ceebies and BBC CBBC close down and BBC3 and BBC4 take over their transponders but during the few minutes before the transponders switch all four channels briefly share the same two transponders. This puts a big load on the transponder for a short period. So why does this only effect BBC1? Well BBC1 shares the same transponder and for a very short period has to share the total bandwidth with 4 other (rather than two other) channels. The net result is the pixellation you see. It doesn't happen on Freeview because the Multiplexes in use are different and so no peak load effects BBC1. No obvious solution but it always happens at exactly the same time every night.

  provider 2 15:31 14 Apr 2011

Thanks dms 05.

Would it be OK to post your response on BBC Points of View (credits to you and PC Advisor, of course)

Quite a few viewers wondering what`s going on but no answers there yet.

  dms_05 19:42 14 Apr 2011

provider 2 - feel free to do so.

  provider 2 11:26 15 Apr 2011

Thanks dms_05.

I`ll give it a go and come back if there are any questions.

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