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Freeview tuner requires constant updates

  number 11 11:33 28 Aug 2017

I have a Panasonic Blu-Ray Recorder (model DMR-BWT740), and a Panasonic TV (model TX-L32D28BWA). Both have a built-in Freeview tuner, and the signal is supplied from a common aerial, with the connection going first to the BR recorder and then on to the TV. This is the way I've always had it connected, and everything works fine, EXCEPT that each time the BR recorder is powered up now, it indicates "new channels found" and asks me to run an update. This can happen even if it's only an hour or two since the last time the unit was used. The TV however, seldom seems to do this any more. Not a major problem - just quite irritating! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  Flat Earther 14:41 31 Aug 2017

googling the model number + new channels found, result number 1 suggets "You can turn off this alert by going to the Tuning menu and setting the 'New Channel message' setting to OFF"

it also mentions changing a setting from GBR-Best Signal to a Regional option, as the issue may come from being in an area that picks up from more than 1 transmitter.

  number 11 17:22 31 Aug 2017

Thanks Flat Earther for looking into this for me. I definitely want to keep the channel update alerts, but there must be something wrong somewhere for it to keep doing this on a daily basis. I've previously tried the regional option, but got the same result (ie - updates every time I switch on). Suppose I just have to live with it. Thanks again.

  BT 17:42 31 Aug 2017

My TV runs an automatic update check at night at 3am providing its left on standby. Its designed to be left in standby mode using less than 1 watt. My Recorder is also left in standby.Perhaps your recorder has a similar setup. My aerial is run separately via a splitter rather than pass through.

  BRYNIT 18:11 31 Aug 2017

Have you tried resetting the unit to factory default and the reinstalling the channels.

  QuizMan 13:12 14 Sep 2017

It may be a Panasonic issue. I have one of their Video/DVD players that is forever urging me to update the channels. Like you, I did this periodically and promptly get another pop up very soon after. In my case, I never use the Freeview side of things on that box so now I just ignore it.

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