Freeview through mini dish rather than aerial?

  car nut 15:53 04 Oct 2005


I've currently got an Amstrad digibox (crap) which I got when I subscribed to Sky, which I no longer do. I'm considering getting a Freeview box but my problem is that I live in a "dip" where the tv aerial suffers interference from passing trains and tree foliage. I watch bbc1+2, itv,c4,c5 through the digibox for this reason.

Is it possible to connect the freeview box to the mini dish?


  ade.h 16:43 04 Oct 2005

I have used Freesat since last December. It gives you the Freeview channels plus a few of the more minor Sky channels. However, I was told at the time that it was a limited offer, basically another way of getting more Sky customers who might eventually sign up to the subscription packages. I heard recently that Sky and the other broadcasters were planning to (re)launch this product. Judging by how it was described, it will be exactly the same as the original Freesat, but was talked about as if it was a totally new idea! Maybe you can sign up to that when it becomes available. As I say, the Freesat package as it was last December may not be available now.

  ade.h 16:46 04 Oct 2005

I forgot to add that it originally cost £150 for the dish and box, supplied and fitted. Since you've already got a dish, maybe Sky will do a deal and just provide the Pace digibox (which is pretty good).

  car nut 18:13 04 Oct 2005

Thanks, ade.h

Just looked it up on Google and the offer is still on, so it's a possibility.

But does anyone know if a regular Freeview box can be connected to a mini dish? I was considering getting a DVD recorder and there's one from Sony with a Freeview decoder and hard disk recorder in one. Seems neat, although expensive.

  ade.h 22:07 04 Oct 2005

I don't think it can. Maybe if Sky won't provide a Pace box on its own at a sensible price, you could find one second-hand. Ebay perhaps?

  ade.h 22:07 04 Oct 2005

You'll still need an access card though.

  BRYNIT 23:36 04 Oct 2005

The Sky digi box sends a signal to the disk every time you change channel this switched the LNB from the high med or low frequency to receive the channels

So no you will not be able to connect a Free View box to the sky disk.

  car nut 09:51 05 Oct 2005

Okay, thanks ade.h & BRYNIT!

  DieSse 00:21 07 Oct 2005

"The Sky digi box sends a signal to the disk every time you change channel this switched the LNB from the high med or low frequency to receive the channels"

Ths isn't a correct description of the situation - but the conclusion is correct - you can't use a mini-dish and standard LNB. The dish/LNB works at entirely different frequencies, on an entirely different principle - for instance the LNB requires 14/18Volts up the cable to even fuction - a Freview box doesn't do that.

  Confab 12:41 07 Oct 2005

Why not just keep your existing digibox and mini dish and get the freeview card from the BBC. You can then watch all the free to air digital channels You are entitled to do this as you have paid for them via your TV licence

  Confab 12:46 07 Oct 2005

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