Freeview recorder has died

  davecooper 19:10 07 Oct 2011

My Sharp Freeview recorder has completely died, taking with it about 40 hours of recorded programs. It looks like a power supply problem, and from previous experience, a new board would cost as much as a new recorder. Being a fairly early PVR, the machine did have a few minor glitches and I was considering getting a new recorder. I may still do this, however, is there any way of retrieving the programs from the hard disk in the old machine? It looks to be a fairly standard Western Digital HDD. One option I have considered is buying an identical used one from eBay and swapping the drives. Any advice would be welcome.

  Crosstrainer2 19:40 07 Oct 2011

Actually yes. I did this for a friend of mine a while back, but it's a little fiddly. Assuming the hdd is okay, you will need to remove it from the unit.

The format that your files are recorded in will depend on the end result. I connected a DVD re-writer to the system and copied the files across that Way.

Your best bet is to buy a caddy from Amazon or the like first and copy to PC.

pretty basic but know need to spend a fortune. You will need a third party application to convert / copy to DVD, but post back an I will point you in the right direction.

  davecooper 21:19 07 Oct 2011

Thanks for that. I only have a laptop so not easy to use caddy. Do you know whether there is a device that takes a standard hard drive and converts it to an external USB drive? I could use it as extra storage once I had transferred the recorded stuff to PC.

  davecooper 21:32 07 Oct 2011

Googled it and found that there are a number of IDE to External USB converters out there at not too many £££, so this may be the way to go.

  mobing 05:00 08 Oct 2011

you really don't need expensive device ,just fit for use is ok !

  onthelimit1 11:44 08 Oct 2011

I have a Sharp TU-R160H. This died a couple of months ago. I took the cover off and, on the power board, one of the electrolitic capacitors was very slightly bulging on the top. Made a note of the size and capacity. Popped into Maplins. 58 pence later I had a new cap. Unsoldered the old one and replaced with new. All of 5 mins work and it's back to normal.

  davecooper 12:24 08 Oct 2011

Same machine. I wish there had been something like that on my board, however, it didn't matter how long I stared at it, nothing seemed obvious. I will have another look though.

What format are the programs stored in on a hard disk recorder? Are they in a format that a PC recognises?

  Crosstrainer2 12:49 08 Oct 2011


It will depend on the machine, the one i rescued the data from was a pretty basic Bush model. The first thing to do is to connect the hard drive from the machine via a USB enclosure .

You won't damage anything by doing this, and we will then have an idea of what format the recorded material is in.

Post back when you've done that and we can take it from there. A cheap enclosure with a USB connection should not cost much, as I posted above.

One caveat: You will need one which has it's own power supply.

  onthelimit1 13:01 08 Oct 2011

dave - the one on mine was about 10mm in diameter and was (if I remember rightly) 100microfarad. The bulge was very slight - just enough to look different to the others. As its the same machine, if you get stuck I'll lift the lid off and note the position. What gave me the clue was I had a similar problem with a iTouch player. Googling it showed a lot had had the same problem, and it was a similar cap that had failed. Thought it worth a look when the same happened to the tuner.

  davecooper 13:01 08 Oct 2011

Gonna sort one out over the next few days. I'll report back once its all up and running. Cheers.

  onthelimit1 13:14 08 Oct 2011

Sorry missed a nought - should have read 1000micro.

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