Freeview recorder advice please

  Pineman100 10:09 13 Feb 2008

I want to buy a Freeview set top box with digital recorder.

I believe that, if I want to watch one channel while recording another, I'll need a box with two receiver cards. Does this also mean that I'll need two aerials?

Someone has also warned me to check whether I need an RF modulator - something to do with the age of the TV set, but I don't really understand it.

The TV has a SCART socket. Does that mean that I don't need an RF modulator?

The price of these twin receiver freeview recorders seems to vary enormously. What advantages do you get by paying more?

I'll be very grateful for any and all advice in language for a dummy, please!

  oresome 10:39 13 Feb 2008

You won't need a STB with a modulator if you have a scart socket.

You don't need two aerials. A box with two tuners will be linked internally or there will be an aerial o/p that you can link to the next i/p.

To a large extent you will get what you pay for and many cheaper devices are problematic from reading reviews.

  Pineman100 10:43 13 Feb 2008

Please could you explain the point about o/p and i/p? Does that mean output and input? If so, I'm not sure I understand how this will work.

  oldbeefer2 11:21 13 Feb 2008

I have a hard drive recorder which has two tuners. The aerial lead plugs into the first, then there's a loop-through lead to take the feed from the first and into the second tuner. Works a treat.

  Pineman100 11:33 13 Feb 2008

OK, oldbeefer2, I understand now.

Thank you both very much for the advice. All questions answered.

  oresome 11:39 13 Feb 2008

Most equipment of this type has an aerial input and also an aerial output that can then be used to connect the one aerial to the TV or whatever.

  alB 16:24 13 Feb 2008

Pop into your local Asda and have a look at the ONN Digital recorder, with 160gb hard drive, twin tuner, just short of £100, got one a couple of weeks back, really pleased with it, check the box sticker for the 216 model (as opposed to the 210) this will record two channels at once or you can watch one, record one or record one and watch something previously recorded also does pause live TV. Not had any problems with mine as yet ...alB

  howard64 17:13 15 Feb 2008

I bought a Sharp twin tuner last week at Tesco it was just under £100. It appears to be the latest model that everyone else has at about £147. It even records a series - is working fine.

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