Freeview reception poor after digital switchover

  CurlyWhirly 22:52 28 Sep 2010

Ever since the analogue signal was turned off, I have had problems with my Freeview digibox.

Every day I have to retune it as otherwise some channels go missing.

Recently they haven't come back even after retuning namely channel 30 (Fiver) and channel 82 (Sky News)

Before this happened I used to get messages on screen like 'bad signal' and 'no signal'

Any idea why this could be happening ?

Some channels have both high signal strength and signal quality whilst others are very low which results in the picture and sound breaking up.

Before anyone says that I need to buy a digital aerial, this aerial was working fine until the digital switchover.

Does anyone else get this ?

Would a signal booster help ?

My Freeview digibox is a Panasonic DMR-EZ25


p.s. I miss Sky News as I was a regular 'Jeff Randall Live' viewer :(

  morddwyd 08:00 29 Sep 2010

I have had this too.

I was advised in a previous thread that it would take a few days to get frequencies and signal strengths sorted out after switch over.

  CurlyWhirly 06:35 30 Sep 2010

So it isn't just me then !

I'm tempted to go for am aerial booster so I'll ask in the shop for advice as I don't want to waste money if it doesn't work.

Regarding your comment about you being told that after the digital switchover, it would take a few days to get the frequencies sorted out, it's been months not days lol

  BT 08:42 30 Sep 2010

We've not had the switchover yet but when we moved to Norwich the Freeview signal was not the best. A small 4 way signal booster from Homebase solved the problem and easily runs two Freeview boxes and the Freeview bit of my TV. Only cost a few quid.

  Terry Brown 16:52 30 Sep 2010

We are not due for a switch-over until 2012, however I have noticed that the Analogue signal is not as strong as it was (picture less clear).

I think they may be lowing the signal strength of analogue to make more room for the Digital signal, (and to possibly 'persuade' us to switch over)

Could this be related?


  CurlyWhirly 19:30 30 Sep 2010

Thanks for the advice about the 4 way aerial booster - I'll look into it although I don't have a Homebase store near me.

I'll look around for an alternative ;)

  CurlyWhirly 19:33 30 Sep 2010

As your still on analogue I would think that when you are eventually switched over the digital signal would be stronger thus giving you a better picture and sound.

Nothing to worry about but with me I have no idea why my digital signal quality is so varied ?!

  john bunyan 20:26 30 Sep 2010

There should be an option on your TV to measurs signal strength - Something like Menu/Digital set up / technical settings/ technical info. I have a good rooftop aerial and had problems. The original co axial cable had to have a join as it goes through a wall and the outside part became a bit perished. I found the join was poor and when I replaced it and ensured it was thooughly waterproof the signal went from yellow to greeen.. before that I used a signal booster, now not needed. Do double check all the aerial connections up to the aerial.

  john 52 21:14 30 Sep 2010

A Ariel installer I know is expecting plenty of call outs on change over to a fully digital signal the reason he explained was that many people have had signal boosters fitted to there ariel before change over to improve the signal and when change over takes place the freeview signal is increased to maximum power and with the booster it is to powerful

  morddwyd 07:08 01 Oct 2010

I thought most modern sets were fitted with automatic signal attenuators, to cope with the differences between TVs within a mile or so of the transmitter, and those many miles away.

I live in an STV area but I am also on the fringe of Grampian so I have a signal booster to make the Grampian picture watchable.

I have no problem, either before or after switchover, with the signal being "too powerful".

  CurlyWhirly 21:59 01 Oct 2010

The strange thing is that my current aerial was working fine before the digital switchover and I had no need for an aerial booster !

Most of the channels are okay with strong signal strength and quality with just a few channels 'playing up'

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