freeview, pvr and tv set up - HELP!!

  spanglecat 15:29 22 Aug 2010

I have recently bought lg 37" tv ( with built in freeview) and a ferguson hhd/dvd recorder(built in freeview+) and I want to know the best way to link this through my stereo and how to set it all up so that I can record and use freeview+. I have at the moment got an hdmi cablea and ariel conecting hdd to tv, then a scart(from tv) to the aux(dvd) connection on stereo (which is not a scart connection but a red and white plug,presently). This at the moment allows surround sound on tv but not on dvd. I am so confused with what cables I need to use, please help!!!
Also when I bring up the progamme guide on telly and press a particular programme it says it is recording, but I dont know to where!! Can I set u recording through tv or will I have to do it from hdd?
Sorry for the ramble but so much to work out and too little time, money and brain cells!!
Thanks to all who take on this challenge!

  john bunyan 17:47 22 Aug 2010

To deal first with the TV /dvd recorder.
The aerial lead (co ax) from the main aerial should fist go to the aerial in of the DVD recorder.Then connect with co ax from the DVD recorder Out to the TV in. In this way, the tuner in the DVD recorder and the TV have their own input signal and you can watch one and record on the other. Then connect the DVD recorder to the TV with either (if they have the sockets) an HDMI lead or a SCART if not. Then, whilst watching TV with that remote,fine and the guide for the TV should come up when you press guide. With the DVD recorder on and using its remote, when you press the guide, the DVD recorders guide comes up and you can set the recording. Also if you play a stored programme the tv should auto switch to input from the recorder, or you may have to select the relvant AV channel on the TV.You can, theoretically, record from the tv but I would not bother. Re the stereo I will ask others to comment.

  spanglecat 22:05 22 Aug 2010

Thank you John Bunyan for your reply. It was most useful and clarifies what I was doing.The only thing I have to work out now is how to get freeview+ working properly and clearly! I think I have to change the input on my tv to the dvd which I was hoping to avoid as it doesnt seem to be as good a reception through that for some reason, but thats just another challenge waiting for me to address! Thanks again.

  dms_05 08:52 23 Aug 2010

You seem to be trying to achieve video/audio through the HDMI which is quite correct as it carries both. However you then seem to be trying to take a separate audio lead from a SCART which of course is a different input/output. I suspect you can do one or the other but not both at the same time. However without seeing your set up it's difficult to know.

If you have HDMI and SCART connections it's possible the Freeview+ box is defaulting to the SCART rather than using the HDMI route which may give you inferior results. Equally can you adjust the output resolution on the Freeviw+ box? I can on my Humax which offers 576 and 720p with the latter getting the best out of the signal. Also can you change the resolution of the TV for each input? I can on my TV and so I have a higher resolution set for Sky HD (1080i) than I do for Freeview which I set at 720p for my HDMI connection to my Humax STB.

Never use the antenna RF connection except for inputing the terrestrial signal to the equipment.

So lots of variables. Keep trying until you get the best out of your equipment.

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