Freeview problem recieving channels- please help?

  Sam Bywater 10:27 16 Feb 2018

Really hoping someone can help with my Freeview problem. We recently moved from Swindon to Milton Keynes and since my 'main' TV is not able to pick up Freeview properly. It scans fine but only picks up 26 channels, which are the standard BBC C4 etc plus the HD versions and some kids ones. I have checked my postcode online and I should be able to receive everything.

I have tried re-tuning over and over in different ways and fiddling with all the settings to no avail. In our previous house it worked absolutely fine with no issues.

In at attempt to diagnose the problem I have tried our other TV in the same ariel socket with the same ariel lead (the lead is 10m long and I wondered if that was the issue) and this one works absolutely fine and picks up over 140 channels, so it seems to be some kind of issue between my main TV and the freeview signal. Weirdly, the second TV that works fine is a 10yr old Samsung and the main one we are having issues with is a fancy 4k 1yr old Samsung.

Can anyone suggest what I should try next to fix the problem? Would a signal booster or an indoor ariel help? Or is there some magic fix? The main roof ariel doesn't seem to be an issue as the second TV picks it up fine. I just don't know what to try next?

  Govan1x 11:20 19 Feb 2018

Just had a look at my old TV and it does not give you an option unless maybe you have to reset the TV. Now not sure whether that is the way to go.

Like yours mine says Uk for television etc but I am sure when I first set it up I chose England then it gave area in England which you either had to choose or pick the recommended one. It probably does it automatically now on new TV's

It also gives you the opportunity of picking what you want to use. HDMI. Cable etc. Not sure what yours is set to but worth checking.

You should also be able to see the signal strength for all channels.

Without resetting my TV I cannot give you any further suggestions as I would only be guessing.

  Ventad 13:15 19 Feb 2018

*Sam Bywater *

Have you tried phoning tel:0808 13 13 800 as on the URL I posted (at800) if you tell them where you are and the problem they will look into it. I lost a load of programmes and had interference on others, in the mean time I had changed aerial then contacted at800 and they told me a G4 new Ariel had come on line close by and gave me the option of a free engineer to install the filters or do it myself.

It does not happen to all Freeview TVs but it also happened to my Brother inlaw a few weeks later as they gradually wound the system up that only came up in speech that he was going out to buy a new TV, again he was sorted out he had the engineer fit the filters in the loft.

  Sam Bywater 15:10 19 Feb 2018

Thanks for the warning on those links. Ventad I will try your advice. I spent an hour this morning in live chat with samsung trying to find out if I can choose which transmitter to use but no joy. They just kept asking me to reset the TV which doesn't do anything. Then they told me it's broken. It's not broken, it worked fine in the old house! But it looks like I can't choose my region or transmitter beyond "England".

If I look at the signal strength for the channels I do recieve it's about 58%. I don't know if that's typical or not.

  john bunyan 17:34 19 Feb 2018

I get well over 80% on all channels that work - about 90 . I would ask a local TV shop or neighbours if they get a full house of programmes and I wonder indeed if the aerial and all connectors are ok, despite the fact that one TV works ok. I get a signal of sorts with just a long aerial lead going to the aerial plug. I had trouble last year that proved to be a poor connector join in the cable to the aerial .

  Ventad 19:11 19 Feb 2018

I am only about 6 miles from the main transmitter for Dover,(Hougham) and my brother inlaw is about the same in the next road, it is not the transmitter it is the whereabouts of the G4 mast, have a look at my previous click here. If you read through the different pages they are saying that depending on the aerial you can get lost programmes ,interference or both.

  Ventad 19:14 19 Feb 2018

I meant to say that before the G4 phone mast going on line I had 100% reception same as I goet now.

  Ventad 19:19 19 Feb 2018

I meant to say that before the G4 phone mast going on line I had 100% reception same as I get now. And as I said the TV in the bedroom was OK at the time but not the living room one.

  Ventad 14:34 22 Feb 2018

Sam Bywater

Any luck with the at800

  Sam Bywater 16:22 22 Feb 2018

Hi Ventad, sorry I meant to post back! They were very helpful and from what they said it does appear my TV is recieving signal from a Freeview station that only offers 26 channels rather than the main one at Sandyheath. He also confirmed there is 4g masts in the area that could be causing interference. He's going to send out a free filter thing for me to try plugging in and said to call them back if that doesn't work. So overall very helpful, thanks!

  Ventad 20:41 22 Feb 2018

Thanks for the feed back, nice to know you are getting some help. Go with it all the best

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