Freeview problem recieving channels- please help?

  Sam Bywater 10:27 16 Feb 2018

Really hoping someone can help with my Freeview problem. We recently moved from Swindon to Milton Keynes and since my 'main' TV is not able to pick up Freeview properly. It scans fine but only picks up 26 channels, which are the standard BBC C4 etc plus the HD versions and some kids ones. I have checked my postcode online and I should be able to receive everything.

I have tried re-tuning over and over in different ways and fiddling with all the settings to no avail. In our previous house it worked absolutely fine with no issues.

In at attempt to diagnose the problem I have tried our other TV in the same ariel socket with the same ariel lead (the lead is 10m long and I wondered if that was the issue) and this one works absolutely fine and picks up over 140 channels, so it seems to be some kind of issue between my main TV and the freeview signal. Weirdly, the second TV that works fine is a 10yr old Samsung and the main one we are having issues with is a fancy 4k 1yr old Samsung.

Can anyone suggest what I should try next to fix the problem? Would a signal booster or an indoor ariel help? Or is there some magic fix? The main roof ariel doesn't seem to be an issue as the second TV picks it up fine. I just don't know what to try next?

  alanrwood 13:12 16 Feb 2018

I doubt if a signal booster will work unless the antenna signal is right on the cusp for the working Feeview receiver and too low for the non working receiver.

I suspect that the non working receiver is less able to pick up weaker signals in which case the booster might work but it needs to be a booster situated near the antenna for best results (ie a mast head antenna) or you will amplify all the additional noise caused by a long antenna cable run.

Also your current antenna may be partially shielded by other buildings, trees etc.

  Sam Bywater 13:21 16 Feb 2018

Thank you for the advice. Sounds like a booster is worth a shot. Unfortunately the 10m ariel cable is necessary due to the bad placing of the ariel outlet in the wall, so we need to run it up and around the door.

  Govan1x 13:31 16 Feb 2018

i think Bedford would be your nearest radioTV station . Have you tried tuning into that.

  Govan1x 13:38 16 Feb 2018

You have probably tried that. Also if your other TV works ok your new one should also work ok.

I know that if the signal is to strong coming from the main aerial that can also affect the signal.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:23 16 Feb 2018

click here see the second video and do a factory reset

  BT 18:01 16 Feb 2018

My Finlux TV stopped picking up Freeview on the "big Digital Changeover", along with my Hauppage box. I understand some older boxes had this problem. My cheapo Digihome set works fine as does my Sony DVR.

I had a problem with an aerial splitter which proved to be a broken resistor wire inside it which was cured by a new splitter. A new Freeview box solved the TV problem with the added advantage of being able to receive the HD channels and HDMI connection.

Worth checking aerial lead plugs and replacing if necessary.

  Ventad 08:13 17 Feb 2018

Could be an upgrade is required on the aerial or that you are getting interference from the 4G phone masts and a 4G at800 filter is required. Had this with a slightly older tv in the living room but bedroom TV was ok. Phoned up they checked there was a mast newly transmitting 4G and was sent free filters.

  Sam Bywater 08:33 17 Feb 2018

I will try the factory reset on the video thank you. The TV is very new so I don't think its the digital changeover causing an issue. We've never watched analoug TV on it.

Ventad who was it that you called?

  Sam Bywater 12:03 17 Feb 2018

On rescanning the TV today it is now only picking up 19 channels. I've concluded it must be a signal problem so I'll try a booster. Who knew that my expensive 55inch 4k Samsung would come with a worse receiver than the 10yr old one! Pretty bad from Samsung.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:49 17 Feb 2018

On rescanning the TV today it is now only picking up 19 channels.

If you have the option, clear the existing channel list completely then rescan. If it asks for a postcode then enter one as close as possible to Sandy Heath.

Apparently, "Sandy Heath" is the main transmitter for Milton Keynes that has all the channels so make sure your aerial is pointing at it. If your new Samsung has latched on to a relay (Freeview Lite) transmitter instead then that could explain why it's picking up a limited number of channels.

I've concluded it must be a signal problem...............

It could be that as well.

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