Freeview node failure- a puzzlement

  jack 10:28 04 Dec 2010

Since a reshuffle of the nodes- a clutch of channels have gone away.
Dave, SKY3 and a bunch of others no longer come up.
EPG on the TV simply does not acknowledge they are anywhere at all.
The Digital PVR lists them but comes up 'No Signal'
That's OK no big deal - its all old repeats .
Here is the puzzlement.
I listen to TV through wireless headphones.
Sometimes when the TV/Recorder is switched off, and I am still wearing the phones - it will pick up the odd sound - some of which I I/D where it is that coming from?
Last night with TV/Recorder off they picked up QI in full chunter.
A check of the listing paper revealed it was DAVE
but from where?

  dms_05 13:42 04 Dec 2010

Go to click here and this will list all of the channels available on Freeview - download the pdf file near the top of page 1.

However some restrictions apply as you will only get all of these if your are tuned to a main transmitter, many of the relays that people have to use only supply a sub-set of these. If you are in Wales you will get a different line up to account for S4C etc. So it can be complex.

Indeed if you have recently suffered DSO then it's probable that some of the new multiplex's won't be on full power for some considerable time (2012 when the last analogue transmitter is finally switched off) because of interference between analogue and digital signals on adjacent transmitters.

Personally I'd go to Factory Reset then do a completely new Channel Tune. It might even pay to manually tune the channels to avoid cross interference if that's the problem.

I have both satellite and terrestrial digital and terrestrial cause more problems more of the time.

  jack 11:35 05 Dec 2010

All of which I am aware of .
None of which is as far as I can see is applicable to the puzzlement.
For your info my transmitter is Crystal Palace- 15 miles off- clear line of sight- you you can get high enough.
The lack of node signal may be due to my aerial type or location [in loft].
None of which addresses the question.
So I will paraphrase it.
All equipment is off - not switched on- so no signal of any sort is being processed.
The wireless head phones- switched on - never the less can pick up a signal- of a node that is not being received by the equipment even switched on.
How come?
In the past when this has happened I have even asked my 'party wall' neighbour[semi detached]
If their TV was on and what channel.
The answer was [at various times] not on or another channel being watched.

  dms_05 12:08 05 Dec 2010

Dave, Sky3 and others including Sky News are on Multiplex C which is Ch 34 from Crystal Palace. Have you tried manually retuning that specific channel?

For information click here

  jack 08:23 06 Dec 2010

This time how to tune manually- once more I knew that too.
However your prompt got me to try- again.
The channel number appears in a small window and the on screen instruction is to enter by remote numbers the channel desired.
When 34 is selected the scan goes right past and checks all other channels - it does NOT 'settle' on 34.
So the puzzlement remains- My wireless head phone can 'pickup' DAVE the equipment does not.

  dms_05 08:56 10 Dec 2010

jack - how old is your Freeview receiver? Recent changes may have rendered it obsolete.

It sounds as if you are manually using auto tune. You should be able to force the receiver to tune only the chosen channel by selecting 34 in the manual tune option.

Good luck.

  jack 09:53 10 Dec 2010

Indeed read the whole first pos
Free view is obtained thruogh
1. Sony KVR TV 18 month old
ans Sony PVR -same age.

My second to last line reads
'When 34 is selected the scan goes right past and checks all other channels - it does NOT 'settle' on 34'

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