freeview itv channels reception today(Sun)

  desi3026 15:14 14 May 2006

Is anyone getting very bad freeview pictures this afternoon on 1tv/channel 4 .
I live in Romford(East London) area,and have tried two seperate digi boxes.
,both with unwatchable 1tv channels.All other channels appear to be ok.
Grateful for any comments.

  rodriguez 15:41 14 May 2006

It could just be a problem with the weather such as a change in air pressure because of the time of year. The ITV channels and Channel 4 are on the same multiplex (Multiplex 2) so if this is the only multiplex affected, then you will only lose the ITV channels and Channel 4. If the problem gets worse or starts to affect more channels, then a signal booster or aerial upgrade may be needed.

  desi3026 15:45 14 May 2006

Thanks rodriguez,it does seem to be limited to itv/channel 4,but I'll monitor situation for a time and see if it improves.

  Stuartli 22:26 14 May 2006

The Freeview signals for ITV channels and Channel 4 in my area (Winter Hill) are useless at the moment on my TwinHan D+A PCI TV card, although the set top box picks them up OK.

It's been an on-off problem for some time even though I can actually see Winter Hill from the countryside about a mile from my home...:-(

  desi3026 08:02 15 May 2006

Thanks Stuartli,
Your comments are appreciated.The situation today(Monday) is still the same,all channels ok except All ITV & Channel 4 stations.

  Stuartli 21:28 23 May 2006


click here

(Section 10)

for possible reason.

  anchor 09:56 24 May 2006

Just checked, no problems here in Hatch End, (near Harrow). ITV coming through fine.

  Stuartli 10:03 24 May 2006

But is that on a set top box or a PCI Freeview TV card?

  anchor 12:32 24 May 2006


A Sagem set-top box, connected to a good external aerial.

  Stuartli 12:51 24 May 2006

Such a set up is unlikely to bring any problems at any time.

I have no problems with ITV main channels on a Pioneer set top box, it's the computer equivalents that are mainly affected.

  imarcus2 01:16 25 May 2006

I have a manifestation of the same problem -- digibox reception of BBC1, 2, 4, and Ch.5 are excellent. Reception of ITV3, ITV4 are totally broken up and the aerial signal indicator barely shits off zero signal strength.

It's been like that for a couple of weeks now, last year and up 'til end of April was perfectly good reception.

Unplugged the digibox [power and aerial] and ran the search to 'short out' the list of settings, then re-connected and re-searched for the channels. Still the same result.

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