Freeview HD ariel issues. Gradually loosing HD

  nmpuk 14:43 26 Oct 2018

Hi All,

5 years ago, I had a new TV ariel fitted in the loft for Freeview, including a DAB arial. These are distributed throughout the house using good quality Cooax. All has been fine until about a year ago. I started to notice the HD channels becoming blocky and occasionally dropping. This has gotten worse over time. Now Its really unwatchable. I have been in the loft and taken the 'Antiference low loss splitter' out of the equation and connected the ariel directly to the feed for the lounge TV and though its better, I am still seeing the HD signal become worse and worse and then dropping out completely.

I haven't made any changes to this setup otherwise, and can't understand what could cause this to gradually come on. One of the neighbours to my rear has had a loft conversion, and there has been a lot of building in general in this area over the past few years, so I'm assuming that is the problem.

Can anyone help me to understand where I should start troubleshooting this?

Many Thanks

  Jollyjohn 15:38 26 Oct 2018

Have you done a retune of the TV? Try that first.

  nmpuk 16:59 26 Oct 2018

Hi John,

I have indeed. Retuning never really helped, but as matters got worse, eventually retuning couldn't even find the HD channels. I was only able to get them back by removing the splitter from the equation and wiring the lounge tv directly to the ariel. Now I do get those HD channels, but still have quality problems with blocky picture, and occasional drops. It seems to affect all the following channels, which I believe are on Multiplex PSB3 - BBC1/2 HD, ITV HD, C4 HD, C5 HD and CBBC HD.

I also am not able to see at all those channels on multiplex COM7, including BBC News HD.

According to the website, I should be receiving those.

I believe my ariel is pointing at crystal palace.

  wee eddie 17:52 26 Oct 2018

Have you tried the technical solution known as "looking". The recent storms might have knocked it out of alignment

  lotvic 17:54 26 Oct 2018

Have you looked on your tv at the strength of the signal you are getting? Things that can affect Freeview reception click here

Most Freeview set-top boxes and TV sets have an on-screen signal strength meter. This can be useful in working out how good your incoming TV signal is.

  alanrwood 10:37 27 Oct 2018

Sounds like the aerial has shifted a bit or the connections are becoming corroded at the aerial end. Sounds like a job for an aerial fitter with the correct gear to measure parameters.

  Ventad 15:48 28 Oct 2018

Have a look at this

click here was my problem


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