freeview and freeview+

  Grambo 13:32 01 Dec 2008

I have a lcd tv with freeview and have been reading about hard drive recorders. Am i correct in saying it will be the recorder that is the freeview+ side of things (ie Humax PVR 9300). If i am correct, would that be a good choice to go for, as a plug and play

  Stuartli 19:04 01 Dec 2008

It's just Freeview whether it's a set top box, integrated TV or a PVR such as the excellent Humax 9200T with twin Freeview tuners (allows you to record two different programmes and watch another).

You may be thinking of the new free BBC/ITV Freesat service which receives satellite transmissions via a dish (includes Sky dishes). See:

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  oresome 21:34 01 Dec 2008

I think that Freeview+ refers to the subscription channels that are available on "Freeview".

Providing you buy a device with a card slot, you'll be able to access these channels once you've subscribed. It doesn't matter that it's not the TV that has the card slot. You'll be able to view the channels via the PVR and the TV AV input.

  Stuartli 00:31 02 Dec 2008

If, as you suggest, it refers to subscription channels, then it makes a mockery of the term Freeview; this is a point that the BBC raised some years ago when paid-for channels began to appear after the DTB re-launch following the demise of ONDigital/ITVDigital.

  MCE2K5 02:28 02 Dec 2008

Freeview = Freeview is a free digital TV service.

Freeview+ = Freeview’s digital TV recorder, allows you to record one channel whilst watching another, pause live TV and record your favourite programmes at the touch of a button.

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  john bunyan 08:48 02 Dec 2008

I have a Pioneer Freeview enabled DVD recorder with HD and burning capacity(useful if you want to keep a TV programme on disc), and a Freeview TV so can "Pause live tv" if watching through the recorder's tuner or watch one Freeview channel on the TV while recording another on the recorder. Does this mean I have Freeview+ ? I intend to get Freesat for free HD TV watching and recording when the new Humax HD Freesat PVR is more available and can work out a route for the coax's.

  andyref 21:21 04 Dec 2008

I have just bought two of these and they are brill .

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  anchor 08:51 06 Dec 2008

Freeview+ is not a premium service, it is the name given to a line of PV recorders.

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  LANDCRUISER 14:16 08 Dec 2008

hi grambo,you may want to have a look at sainsbury as they are selling a thompson 250gb unit that is giving you full season of prem football + 1 month of films downloads & top up tv or just use it as a recorder,it will record two channels at the same time & you can watch any pre-recording you have at the same time all this for £99 great bit of kit

  anchor 09:34 09 Dec 2008

LANDCRUISER: I have just read some Amazon user reviews of the 160Gb version of this recorder, and they NOT favourable.

  Grambo 12:45 09 Dec 2008

This maybe of interest....follow up to my initial question

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