freeview box connections

  conrail 20:50 30 Sep 2012

Hi guys, not sure if this is right forum or whether it should be tech help, friend has virgin tv and would like to record programs, virgin want him to buy a tivo box, he says he pays them enough so is looking at freeview recorder to replace standard virgin box, I am with virgin for pc and phone but not tv, (like him I pay them enough as it is), but use freesat connected to sky dish, would a freeview box connect to his virgin connections, (not sure what they are), or would he need a digital tv ariel, he doesn't have ariel on house at the moment, thanks

  woodchip 22:35 30 Sep 2012

he cannot use freeview box to record virgin tv

  woodchip 22:39 30 Sep 2012

PS there is no such thing as a Digital TV Ariel, they advertise such just to make money out of the Gullible. A Ariel is a Ariel only difference is High or Low gain ones

  onthelimit1 08:58 01 Oct 2012

Freeview boxes can only access the freeview channels listed here. If that's what he wants to do, then an external aerial would be required to feed the box. If he wants to record channels specific to the Virgin service, he'll have to cough up for their equipment.

  natdoor 08:59 01 Oct 2012

It is true that there is no such thing as a digital aerial in the sense of modulation detected. However, the required bandwidth coverage for full Freeview coverage is much wider than was generally the case for analogue transmissions. Thus many people needed a new aerial on switchover and the term "digital aerial" is a reasonable designation. I do not see how it could be a marketing ploy because surely no-one is going to get a new aerial for Freeview if their existing one works. All aerials offered these days should be adequate for Freeview.

  BT 09:28 01 Oct 2012

The Virgin incoming TV cable won't connect to a Freeview box, you will need an aerial for this. However you can take a signal from the Virgin box to an external recorder, depending on the box, but if you are using the Scart to your TV, there is usually an RF (aerial out) output as well which you can feed to another TV or recorder.

  conrail 09:52 01 Oct 2012

thanks guys,, you have been very helpful, friend does not want to use virgins services just their connections, if poss, same as I have with the freesat box using sky dish.

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