Freeview+ box

  [DELETED] 11:07 27 Mar 2010

Given the switch to digital I am looking for a device to maintain the tv reception and also replace the old vcr that my dear old mum uses. Freeview+ seems to be a miore logical answer than a dvd recorder and I was hoping somebody could suggest a good one/ good buy


  [DELETED] 12:14 27 Mar 2010

I have been using an Humax box, a pvr 9200, for years now without problems. touching wood as i type.


  The Kestrel 12:15 27 Mar 2010

I have a Humax PVR click here. I have the 9300T model, which I am very happy with and find easy to operate. There are however a whole range of PVRs available from Humax.

  [DELETED] 13:07 27 Mar 2010

I have a Topfield,very good!
Lots of advice here click here

  dms_05 11:05 03 Apr 2010

I have a Hunmax PVR 9300T and live in an area that is on the boundary between the old transmitter and a one in Wales. The Humax has been a real pain as it now prefers Welsh programmes and my old English language programmes from Winter Hill have disappeared. Despite lots of technical input I haven't been able to solve the problem even though my TV works correctly on WH. So I can view my preferrred transmitter on my DTT TV but only record Welsh origin programming on the Humax and of course they aren't the same. Real pain.

  [DELETED] 13:23 03 Apr 2010

1st one i bought was from asda, turned out to be very useless, i didnt tune in. got my money back.

2nd one i bought from the refund was from tesco's brand name dion very good worked within 30 seconds tuned up within 30 seconds and very happy with it.
works by remote control. Fantastic reception

make sure you use an roof aerial to get reception

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