davecooper 15:07 14 Dec 2010

I have noticed that “Freeview Plus” is now being advertised. Having had a Freeview PVR for a number of years now, I can only assume that this name has been launched to raise awareness that there is a Freeview equivalent of Sky Plus. Will Feeview PVR's now carry the Freeview+ logo? Will a Freeview+ labelled box do anything new? I would certainly like to see Freeview+ provide a standard EPG format much like you get with any Sky+ box. Is this likely to happen? Just a bit confused as to why the Freeview+ name suddenly.

  CurlyWhirly 22:06 14 Dec 2010
  davecooper 12:57 15 Dec 2010

Still not sure what Freeview+ gives you that my three year old Sharp twin tuner Freeview 160Gb hard disk recorder doesn't.

  Terry Brown 20:12 15 Dec 2010

As more and more programs are moving to the HD format, you will find that you will (especially after the digital switchover) have less programs in the standard mode.

Apart from that, the new HD boxes are designed to work on the new flat screen TV's, and will give a better picture & sound


  davecooper 21:40 15 Dec 2010

Fair enough, it makes sense that things will have moved on a bit. Is Freeview+ going to have a standard EPG format for all Freeview+ machines? It would make sense but would the manufacturers buy into this? After all, Sky doesn't have the problem of competing manufacturers making Sky+ boxes.

  dms_05 09:40 16 Dec 2010

Freeview will continue to carry all the SD content it currently offers. On top of that a very limited number of HD channels will be offered (mainly due to bandwidth restrictions). I think Freeview has room for 5 HD channels whereas Sky already carries over 50 HD channels.

I think the '+' designation is pure marketing. I have a Freeview PVR (Humax 9300) and a Sky HD PVR neither of which are branded as '+'. However Sky have now extended their '+' branding to HD PVR's as well.

Sky, Freesat from Sky and Freesat will always have much more bandwidth available for HD transmissions and if you want to watch in HD (after all you probably already have an large screen HDTV) then reception from satellite offers the widest choice. However you will have to subscribe to a pay platform to receive the 50 HD channels.

Choices to meet everyones needs. No right or wrong answers - choose the one that meets your requirements.

  dms_05 08:49 17 Dec 2010

msali786 - not as it stands. You will need to buy an HD Freeview+ box because whilst your TV will display HD (and not much on Freeview) any recordings you make will use the tuners in the Freeview+ box. So if you buy a standard Freeview+ box it will be SD only. At this time Freeview+ HD boxes are new and still expensive so it might be worth waiting until the Spring to see if prices reduce as they did with Freesat+ HD boxes.

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